Wisdom, Writings from Peak meditation experiences

Understanding love and creativity are both within our potential and fundamental to our reason for existence.

Scientist are people dedicated to learning how things in the universe works, seekers are people dedicated to learning how the universe within ourselves works. 

Appreciation for inanimate objects is beauty; appreciation for living things is love. 

In meditation we ask ourself what we want and then ask the universe to give it to us. It will give us the thing we desire or give us a lesson that will teach us how to get it, or something better, if we listen.

When we come to understand the physical universe is the scenery and our experiences are the scenes of the play we create and call life, the miracle of it all begins to enter into our witnessing awareness.  

The mind and body masks our true nature, consciousness. Until we discover how to reach it, there can be no unveiling of the deeper self that exists within us. 

Who am I, that is up to us to find out. Each of us are different in  body and mind, but exactly the same at our core being level, the pure awareness we share that is foundational to all things.

We live in a physical conscious reality we call the waking state but there is another reality in the gap between thoughts, in deep sleep, dreams, mediation and transpersonal experiences, we can call the nonphysical conscious reality. If you can discover it your life will expand with new meaning. 

It is true that where there is a will there is a way, you can have it your way and resist life creating stress, anxiety and pain or you can allow your will to flow with life toward peace and serenity. 

With over 250 definitions for consciousness created by many disciplines over millennia, there is a growing understanding by many that the mind does not exist in the brain. Science calls it “the hard problem of consciousness” because consciousness cannot be tested or measured using conventional material reductionist science. There is no evidence that the mind originates in the brain, yet science remains steadfast in this conviction. 

The world is filled with second hand spiritual information given to us by gurus, swamis, priests, rabbi’s, and others. Knowledge is within you, and it is your truth, directly from the source that you can experience and believe without question or the influence of others. You can “know thyself.”

Many ask what method should I use to learn to meditate? This is the wrong question. What do I want, and how will meditation help me get it, is the right question.

It is said that every life has pain, but suffering is optional. Understanding the lessons of both is a requirement for awakening. 

The universe changes every nano second, yet we go about our  lives wanting everything to remain the same even in light this knowledge. Denial is not a path to wisdom.

We can observe all of our thoughts and have thoughts about those thoughts, we are sharing our mind with a squatter we should get to know intimately, the witnessing awareness. 

Our reality becomes known to the brain, by interpreting data or qualia from outside of the body that is received through the five sense organs, that creates an image in the mind’s eye. By definition everything you experience is outside of your body and mind. You are a perpetual out of body experience.

Negative addictions of all types occur in people because we do not have sufficient discipline or control over our minds to avoid them. Organizing the mind to create the discipline to overcome addictions can be done but it is a path to wisdom few work to attain.

It only takes one highly survival-oriented, reptilian focused brain seeking power, for an authoritarian to undo generations of civilization or potentially end the world. Doesn’t this make messy, multi-branch institutions and democracies that share authority a more tolerable idea?

In politics as in life in general we can see that tolerance is absent when we are angered by the opposition party’s candidate winning or someone else’s idea prevailing over ours. This is an opportunity to evolve our consciousness by finding the goodness in others and the courage for compromise within ourselves. 

There are none among us who is either greater or lesser than another. Willfully ignoring the truth of this statement is the foundation upon which hate groups thrive. 

It is not what the eyes see, but that they can see. It not what the ears hear, but that they can hear. The mystery of ourselves is hidden from us in plain sight, still your mind, focus your awareness, discover your truth that underlies these things, it will be made known to you if you seek it. 

Sometimes we need to stop living in the external world of smartphones, PC’s and other things and get that rich inner world of creativity and our undisturbed mind back. Accessing the undisturbed mind is how the guys who brought us smartphones, PC’s, and those other things, got them into our lives.

The road to giving away our power is littered with the corpses of cultural beliefs and ideas we have accepted without vetting them out for ourselves. Often we abandon our responsibility to critically think about things in order to fit in with some group or cause. There can be no bigger abdication of our responsibility than to not, critically explore any idea with skepticism and have the courage of our own convictions. Mediation is a good place for this process to take place as emotion and ego can be bypassed during the vetting.

In mediation it is not what technique you use to quiet the mind; it is what do you do to discipline and gain control over the mind while in mediation.

Nothing is ever quite as bad or quite as good as it seems in the moment. With a strong intention and quiet meditation anything can be made better by bringing it into harmony, that place between our highest and lowest emotions.

I AM mortal in the physical conscious reality identified with the mind and body. I AM immortal in the being state of non-physical conscious reality experienced in mediation.

Insanity is making guns and bombs and war. Sanity is each of us finding the peace in our own minds among the agitated minds of others.

We are not in the body or the mind, the body and mind is within us, we are not in the universe, the universe is within us. Our reality is a construct in consciousness, and we are that consciousness.

Our imagination plays with our consciousness to create the future we desire. The universe’s imagination plays with our consciousness to give us new realities and tools to obtain the future we desire. 

We have a feedback mechanism that observes our experiences, memories, morality, emotions and can apply imagination to create our future. That makes us self-aware, connected to a greater field of consciousness beyond ourselves, and leads to our evolution. If machines can one day do these things and access the greater field of universal consciousness they would no longer be artificially intelligent, they would be truly sentient.   

We are not in the body or the mind, the body and mind is within us, we are not in the universe, the universe is within us. During meditation when we are in space surrounded by stars and galaxies we are in the astral planes, higher dimensions of awareness. When we are in deep illuminated space and there are no stars or galaxies we have exited the astral planes and entered the oneness of pure awareness or existence consciousness. 

The perfection of the soul is a journey dependent on life’s imperfections to create the lessons that lead us there.

All objects are in consciousness. We are not in the body, we are not in the universe, they are in us. We are that awareness in which all things arise and subside and creates reality within us. 

Anytime we can be in the eye of the storm unaffected by the commotion beyond, we are in our prime. Young children are naturally in their prime as are seniors who have surrendered to the inevitable. Few people in between those two groups know how to enter it at will.

Learning the way of meditation to evolve the mind is incomplete without learning the way to evolve the heart.

At times on the path to awakening there is little to no joy in the things that once gave us great pleasure. This knowledge is part of the undoing of the self, a step in the evolution of consciousness. It isn’t until you have embodied a teaching that it is learned, and then becomes a part of you and acts through you, that the joy returns.

There are no enlightened people, only enlightened activity in our awareness. Awakening is about transformative experiences which may reduce pain and suffering while informing us of our true nature. It is an ongoing process not a destination, but the activity can be called enlightenment.

The only perfection that can be attained by anyone is having love, compassion, or empathy for others. We must learn to be at play with the universe to experience perfection, if only temporarily. All our other experiences in life are about survival, so we can stay alive, to ultimately grow into this state of love. 

The path to a divine heart is often blocked by fear or beliefs from an undisciplined mind.

As surely as night follows day suffering follows pain, if you resist the truth the pain wants you to accept.

When pure awareness emerges and comes into form as a human being it becomes conscious. When that consciousness becomes awakened and is in a perpetual state of awareness of itself, it can know the extraordinary in the ordinary, that is oneness.

Awakening is the realization that far more can be found in direct experience than any concept, belief system, or narrative. The process of awakening is an ever-unfolding one, a deepening of that which is beyond all words and thoughts. We are in service to all when we discover that for ourselves. 

Living in a state of surrender is the highest and most noble path to living a frictionless life. It provides for the evolution of our consciousness through love, compassion, and empathy. Lessons of pain, stress and anxiety are diminished while our desires have the greatest potential for manifesting.

Intention is asking the universe to help you manifest something you desire, prayer is asking the universe to help another person or group in need, Grace is the universe helping you help another person or group in need.

When I hear a story of someone who is facing a terrible situation in their life with grace, I am almost always moved to send a blessing of love and gratitude for reminding all of us of that most noble of human characteristics, courage.

Karma is our spiritual bank account. Whenever we evolve love in ourselves or another being, through our choices we make a deposit. We leave our financial bank accounts behind at death, but our karmic bank accounts enrich the soul for eternity.

Humor is the Universe suggesting we observe the idiosyncrasies of life playfully. A laugh is lightness flowing through the moment, wisdom is knowing the importance of being able to experience both and know they are a gift.

Write your autobiography not exceed one paragraph. It should include what you want and what you are thankful for. These two things with deep reflection will pretty well describe your life. Meditative self-inquiry will update your biography and keep you living in the Now.

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