The Greatest Story Ever Told

Learning to meditate with the PME System The Greatest Story Ever Told, a 1965 American epic film, is a retelling of the Biblical account about Jesus of Nazareth, from gospels of the Nativity through to the Ascension. Jesus and all of the great wisdom teachers like Buddha, Muhammad, and many Read more…

The Quick Start to Peak Meditations Guide

Your practice is a journey and all the information you need  can be found in my blogs and podcasts (or future blogs/podcasts) and my book. I post lots of articles on things that will help you understand a greater universe of ideas, thoughts, and philosophies. They are meant to provide Read more…

What is a peak meditation experience?

A Peak Meditation experience (PME) can sometimes be described by a more common term as a vision. One definition of a vision is something seen in a dream or trance with a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation or a spiritual experience. Peak Meditation Experiences are often spiritual in Read more…

PME Wisdom Terms

It is important that you have a good understanding of what I call the wisdom words. I use these frequently throughout the book and my blogs to convey key aspects of the Peak Meditation Experience (PME) system. My blogs frequently take one of these definitions and expands on it in Read more…

Ideas About Meditation to Expand Your Practice

To reach the highest levels of consciousness you” must have” thoughts during mediation to acquire knowledge through self-inquiry.

The greatest resources for acquiring knowledge and information is  your subconscious, your higher self and beyond from the universe. 

Read More …

Examining your truth, removing fears, discarding irrelevant beliefs, and Creating the life you desire is your purpose.

Your highest state of being is when your intellect is engaged with Existence Consciousness or pure awareness, bypassing the Ego.

We are not in the body or the mind, the body and mind is within us.

We are not in the universe; the universe is within us. 

Our reality is a construct we knowingly or unknowingly create in consciousness for having experiences from which we evolve our consciousness.

 The greatest control we can have in life paradoxically is to willingly surrender to life’s experiences, removing resistance and being in the flow of it, willing to accept and respond to whatever happens.

All things including philosophical questions like what happens after we die can be known through meditation.

Every mediation session should begin with the question “what do I want” to inform your intentions and create the life you seek.

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