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Consciousness and paranormal experiences

To be clear all experiences take place in consciousness. Society accepts experiences where there is input from the 5-senses, in other words physical input and evidence that is available to anyone who observers the experience. However, when an experience exceeds this definition by making itself known only to an observer or a few observers but does not have solid physical evidence it is outside of a normal everyday experience. In this case it is often suspect or in the worst cases, ridiculed.

Paranormal is a term used for denoting such events or phenomena like precognition or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. Science cannot explain these things, usually because they are outside of measurable physicality, they are often not given much credence. In mainstream science anything that comes within study of consciousness is considered taboo. However, there are committed scientists who research these areas and offer informed theories even though they lack evidence. 

In today’s world the variety and volume of documented paranormal experiences being reported is growing exponentially. We need to expand the definition and identify at least the most important ones that are making their way into the thoughts and conversations of people.

Anything that has a reasonable number of documented experiences and or has been scientifically researched at some level I will try to define here. In the following I give you some examples of well documented programs, many developed by the military and scientists, and some formally classified. I have experienced most of the phenomena I have listed here. I will caution that the greater existence consciousness system can and does deliver experiences that do not fit neatly, if at all, into any of these definitions. However, in the main EC is the field in which they all occur and by considering consciousness’ as foundational to everything, as the First Cause which must exist for our reality to unfold you can explain paranormal activity quite easily. 

Remote Viewing: Viewing things from blind coordinates given to a subject that could be anywhere in the world or universe, have been tested in triple blind studies with astonishing accuracy. Military personnel have been routinely trained in this technique for intelligence reasons. 

Out of Body Experiences: Where people leave their physical bodies and describe events and things in different locals accurately. Countless verifiable near-death experiences (NDE) have also confirmed the phenomena of leaving the body. 

Lucid Dreaming: Being able to be awake during the dream state to direct the dream and get information. This has been validated in controlled experimentation. Lucid dreaming is now a well-established and maybe the only scientifically validated technique that is based in consciousness’. It has met with great success for exploring consciousness. 

Healing:  Using the mind to diagnose and heal conditions in people with diseases. Practiced in China, Japan and elsewhere for centuries using life force energy called by various names in different traditions i.e., Chi, Ki, or Prana. There are many filmed events of spontaneous healings using traditional (non-western medical) Chinese healing therapies. 

Healers around the world are able to direct their attention and intention on an illness and often get measurable improvement in a patient. A gathering of healers, mediators or prayer groups focused on healing an individual can often have profound effects even if done without the patient’s knowledge. 

Past Life Regression: Viewing past lives in detail and finding historical evidence to validate the existence of that past life. Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newman have been pioneers in past and between life hypnotic regressions that have yielded corroborating data as well as long-term studies by the University of Virginia and others. Some experienced meditators can review their own past lives and channelers can review the past lives of others.   

Telepathy: The is ability to communicate with others mentally, both living and deceased or to receive information about future events. Clairvoyance is a cousin to this activity and its main feature is seeing or predicting future events.  

Astral communication: The ability to see and communicate with beings in different dimensions and people who have passed on. 

Astral Travel: The ability to free one’s mind from the body and travel through space. 

Near-death Experience (NDE): An occurrence in which a person is pronounced clinically dead and has memories of a spiritual experience, such as meeting dead friends and family members or seeing a white light. Often the experiencer reports conversations, or views activities by nurses, doctors, and others while in this state that are considered impossible to know. There are virtually thousands of well documented cases that support this phenomena. 

Many of these reported experiences can be explored by anyone who is willing to learn and practice them. They are not confined to gifted people as the military documented the ability to train all types of people in many of the areas discussed here. 

Learning to get into point consciousness may open one or several of these types of experiences for you as it has for me. Point consciousness is a deep state of meditation in which the mind is completely still, in harmony and under the control of the mediator. It is the state where the meditator has successfully cut the ties to their 5-senses, stopped receiving qualia or input from them and has the ability to direct their intention toward anything they choose to focus on and has the collaboration of their intellect.

The primary goal of any practice or system is not to have a paranormal experience but to be receptive to them as a teaching when they may appear. Evolving consciousness and increasing its potential by reducing fear in favor of opening the mind to ever larger possibilities is the purpose I would suggest is appropriate for everyone to pursue. Metaphysical experiences such a fear tests may often come into play to help you with this. However, evolution of consciousness by definition opens the mediator up to paranormal experiences or visions I call peak meditation experiences. If you learn to become receptive to them, they can be a wonderful teaching tool.

A peak meditation experience (PME) can express itself as a metaphorical dream, appear during meditation, or just come over you like a daydream and other ways. If EC thinks the information will help you it will find creative ways in which to expose the information to you. They are given to us by existence consciousness to teach and help us bridge together experiences that create an understanding of spiritual or creativity law, in other words some aspect of a truth. Any meditative activity that leads to awakening or self- realization is a PME. They can come in other forms besides a visual experience like words spoken in your own voice or someone else’s, a whisper, or any number of other methods of delivery. 

Existence consciousness (EC) speaks a language that it wants us to learn so that it can teach us ever more things to help us and it, evolve. We are co-creators of our lives with EC and we are given more latitude in the creation process as we gain greater understanding of how things work. 

The truth is we already know the language we just must recall it and lift the veil we came with into this world that created spiritual amnesia. Paranormal experiences are tools EC uses to further awaken and motivate us as seekers.

The path that EC has us follow is one of ever-increasing self-realization. That leads us to greater wisdom from more advanced teachings. Making choices and then learning from them is how EC teaches us and evolves the quality of our consciousness. 

I think this quote by ancient sage/philosopher Hermes Trismegistus sums things up. He is best known for this quote, “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.” 

We are on a journey through exploration of ourselves to know that which is above, that which is within and that that is the universe, by knowing ourselves.

Paranormal experiences are really quite normal in the world of EC. We are building a community of seekers who want to share, collaborate, and support one another in advancing consciousness in any way that will evolve us. 

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