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How we perceive reality

There are four basic states of consciousness in which all experiences
take place, although there are modifications of these states depending
on the experience we are having. In the waking state we observe the
physical conscious reality, in the dream and deep sleep state we
perceive nonphysical reality and in meditation we can perceive both

You are awake right now, reading this. What do you experience in the
waking state? Only 5 things, all are objects: sound, touch, sight, taste,
smell. You experience these through your 5 instruments of knowledge:
hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell. The state in which you use your
senses to acquire this data (qualia) is the waking state.

The Dream’ State of Experience seems to be different than the waking
state when viewed from the waking state. They are actually both the
same in that you perceive sound, touch, vision, taste, and smells while
dreaming that seem real to the dreamer at the time. A dream is just
the mental playback of an experience or combinations of experiences
from the past you had while you were in the waking state.

Sometimes people feel they had dreams about things they never
experienced while awake. There a are number of explanations for this
i.e., you can combine elements of different waking experiences to
produce a seemingly new dream (like the bridging technique I discuss in
my book). The dreamer may have had the experiences in previous
lifetimes, or they may be premonitions of future events both of these
are different from a memory dream experience but can present to us
like a dream.

In the previous life and premonition scenario’s you are accessing the
greater field of existence consciousness through your consciousness. If
you are a practiced meditator, you almost always will be aware of the
source of the information and that it is not a dream.

Deep sleep means dreamless sleep. The deep sleep state is
characterized by an absence of any particular experience unlike waking
and dream states where particular objects are very much experienced.
It is like saying the room is empty, you are experiencing an absence of
things in the room. This is existence consciousness (EC)
Deep sleep is that state in which you do not know anything (because
there is an absence of any particular object/experience) or you sleep
happily. Everyone enjoys a deep, restful, worry-free sleep. This level of
sleep can rejuvenate and significantly recharge our physical, emotional,
and psychological states.

In deep sleep people do not identify with their physical bodies or their
minds as nothing is experienced. All differences are resolved, the mind
is in an unmanifest state, there can be no experience in deep sleep,
except for the awareness of the absence of things we normally
experience in the other states.

We can have the experience of confronting the very existence
consciousness that is foundational in us while in deep sleep. We can
experience our own primordial micro unit of existence consciousness or
soul in this absence of other experiences. Becoming familiar with your
MUOEC can be a profound part of an advanced meditation practice.
The deep sleep state correctly said is the universal primordial field of

awareness that is unmanifest, has no form or boundaries and which is
our true home.

We are that that it is and it is that we are. We are one with this
underlying non dimensional, non-measurable state of being. It is the
enabler of all things in the manifest universe and its potential is beyond
all comprehension of homo sapiens thoughts and words. You cannot
see it, but you can experience it through love and creativity in your life.
These are its inherit gifts to us in this physical conscious reality and also
in the non-physical conscious reality between lives. Enlightenment
simply put is coming to know that you are not the body/mind but this
eternal unbounded field that is everything.

Meditation allows us to experience the 3 previous states from the view
of our MUOEC or our higher self. We can explore our own subconscious
mind and through inquiry understand and modify the deepest and most
profound mysteries that lie within us. I will address this area in more
detail in a later blog and more information on this subject is available in
the book The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences.

All things we experience in physical conscious reality that require us to
make a choice are rooted in duality meaning that everything in the
universe has an opposite i.e., up/down, dark/light, hot/cold, alive/dead,
truth/lie and so on.

Although we might choose to see some things as just a level of the
same observation i.e., hot/cold can be seen as degrees of temperature
on one infinite scale, dark/light can be an infinite range of different
light frequencies, the darker ones we cannot see with the naked eye.
The same is true of sound and so on.

I use this analogy to bring your attention to the concept of life and
death. Consciousness is fundamental to our reality. The universe is of
one mind and all physical things including thoughts are just vibrations
of frequency in this unbounded field of awareness. Physical and non-
physical conscious reality are one continuum on the same scale, just as
hot and cold are one continuum on a thermometer.
From this perspective there can be no death. We are in the physical
conscious reality because we have a physical body, actually a
combination of 5-bodies/dimensions, the other 4 of which are non-
physical (except the energy body) and survive beyond the physical
conscious reality. The other bodies are the mind, the energy body, the
intentional body, and the MUOEC/soul.
We are logged onto a simulation or virtual reality (in the ancient
wisdom traditions it was often referred to as an illusion) that presents
as a physical world with choices (duality) designed to evolve our
MUOEC by requiring us to make choices. We do not leave until the
death of the body. To come to understand this concept is part of
gaining spiritual wisdom or awakening.
The non-physical conscious reality is our true home. We experience it
between lives, in meditation, and depending on the quality of ones
MUOEC we go beyond and catch a glimpse of existence consciousness
in deep sleep or find it through enlightenment.

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