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The probability field of Akasha

The probability field is a rolling prediction of what may happen in the future based on what has already happened considering all data and trends of our collective consciousness. The closer we come to an event the more likely or probable that future prediction will occur. The universe uses all of its information; thoughts, feelings, experiences imagination, memories from everything that has ever appeared in this virtual reality. It continuously calculates in real time what may happen in the future from this data. 

Today’s world of virtual reality models seems best suited for explaining this field that gifted psychics describe and  tap into in making predictions.  Akasha is a Sanskrit word, and means “Primary substance,” that out of which all things are formed. We use the term pure awareness, consciousness, and the probability field as another way to describe this meaning. 

In the religion of theosophy dating back to the 1800’s and the philosophical school called anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human. 

The probability field as we will discuss here differs from theosophy in this aspect, probability field says the future is a calculation or an algorithm that is ever changing and can only be completely known in the nano second when it becomes the past. This probability field is comprised of all of the consciousness of all things concerned with a specific event and its ever-changing components that make up the calculation.

Probabilities become realities all the time and very few predictions about them are ever made. What creates a probability to begin with is, us. It includes our experiences, memories, creative ability and our passion and intentions to bring forth new things. Some that we manifest into reality can be society changing. They can concern things we may have a passion for that sparks our creativity and we spend a lot of time gathering knowledge about. Others are more mundane things that evolve more from repetition, a feature of the subconscious we pay little attention to or have no awareness of. 

Bridging is the act of identifying similar experiences in our lives and connecting them, resulting in a new and higher meaning or truth is part of the probability fields measurements. 

Intention is connecting a clearly defined desire in alignment with an outcome we want, that is another measurement of the field.

Our beliefs, whether based on fear or love, fact or fiction also influence the algorithm of the field.

These efforts combined lead to intuition that helps us in formulating our intentions to adjust to the ever-clearer picture we are getting from the probability field. The field is making its universal probability analysis of what may happen, from the current and ongoing experiences of every conscious being’s feelings, thoughts, and desires about a particular thing.

The universe has general laws or rule-sets that include the laws of physics for the material world and spiritual-laws to guide its living creations. For humans those laws revolve around love i.e., do unto others as your would have them do unto you, and creativity, expressing ourselves by any means i.e., from carving a sculpture to creating a new business. 

Our purpose within the universe is to evolve our consciousness and as a micro unit of that consciousness we evolve together with the universe, and it evolves through us. That requires developing intentions from a positive field of love and passion to get positive outcomes.

When we form intentions from negative emotions i.e., anger, dislike, hate and so on we get negative or devolving conscious outcomes both individually and for the collective consciousness. We appear to be in a devolving conscious period if you scan the probability field as we will discuss.

The Wright brothers were the first to fly a winged aircraft however many others around the world were working on flight at the same time and very close. This is true of every small or large idea that has come along. We sense not only our own experiences but all other experiences that can be bridged into something new and the universe openly shares the data. The price of entry to the data fields is focused intention and passion for manifesting something new. 

Intuition is accessing the probability field with a strong intention and getting the experiences from the field to bridge them to a new creation. Putting together wireless technology, computing technology, phone, and chip technology to create the smart phone revolution is an example of that. Some companies had already done it before Steven Jobs brought his great awareness of possibilities and marketing genius to the probability field with a much greater vision for changing the world than his predecessors. He had visited the field many times in his life and knew how to access it and use it to an advantage.

All things are systems within the universe and some, if not all depend on another for survival. I am describing the eco-system. We breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, the trees breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen, we not only coexist we support each other. As we cut down the world’s forests we create potential disaster for ourselves just as we do by putting excessive amount of carbon into the ozone creating climate change. Creating more chaos or uncertainty  by doing such things gives us a negative probability outcome component from the greater field. 

Human beings are a system within the probability field. We maintain our equilibrium with it when enough of humanity is self-aware and can feel our world getting out of balance and we change to compensate for the disconnect.

We all look to the probability field internally to adjust our reality and our concerns for survival. As this essay is being written we see a world that has the potential for WW lll between America, Russia and maybe even China. Inflation and interest about to trigger a major recession, a massive correction in the stock markets, a 20-year drought threatening the water supply of the west, climate change generally wreaking havoc on the world, a corrupt administration that has used disinformation as a political weapon, created an assault on our capitol and promoted the lie of a rigged election interfering with the peaceful transfer of power in our democracy and deeply dividing the country Depleting natural resources, over population resulting in a large percentage of starving people around the world. A pandemic hopefully in its final stages but with the knowledge that the future holds the promise of more pandemics. Reversal of personal freedoms, white supremacist, and Black Lives Matter folks, and much more. We have a lot of pressing issues that can be catastrophic that are creating a negative probability outcome at the moment. We are challenged to come into balance within ourselves, with mother earth and the greater dynamic of universal consciousness, everyone and everything that is affected. 

If this looks to you like a world is out of balance, with the probability field casting a long shadow of doubt over our chances for survival, well you may be right.

However, I would make the point the probability field is a human construct that we collectively create with the totality of human consciousness. It is a human construct that we can also change with our consciousness as we awaken to what we are doing to ourselves.

I am a baby boomer who came of age in the 60’s. The Cuban missile crisis, civil rights, hippies turning on and dropping out of society, activists protesting for change, conservatives and those in power fiercely resisting, Watergate, a corrupt president and administration, a cold war with the soviet union, manufacturing jobs moving overseas, the beginning of globalization, the women’s rights movement, abortion an becoming a national issue, a divided country over Vietnam and the draft, a president resigning because he could not end the war, the civil rights movement was gaining strength and many other things. 

This was also a time of the long shadow of probability saying we better get our act together or its predictions of doom might manifest. Well, we all knew that in our hearts and at a very deep level of our psyche  we needed to come together in oneness somehow. All of the issues were resolved to some degree to give us peace and general prosperity for the next 50-years. I am not saying things have been perfect, but we have resolved things through compromise and adjusted as we went along.

To get out from under the shadow of a negative probability field we must move away from our strongly held positions. We need to allow for compromise and for for the possibility of something less than a catastrophic outcome in times like these. 

The probability field is our collective consciousness giving us information that we need to pay attention to. We can construct other possibilities for solving our problems and we need to begin soon, there is hope. In the course of our history the field ebbs and flows in and out of favor for our survival and it has been going on since time began. 

We need to wake up and respond to what it is telling us or by default, hate, anger, and righteous behavior may energize us to kill our way to some kind of peace i.e., relearning the lessons of the civil war. We can change the probability field through our collective intention it has been done before, but we must begin with ourselves. Meditation and self-inquiry can be gating tools for each of us to contribute to the solution.

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