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Are you Awakened

Here we will discuss the larger field of Pure awareness, broad definitions of awakening and I will give you 10 examples by which you can judge for yourself whether or not you are on a path to becoming woke.

Existence Consciousness or pure awareness is the underlying wellspring from which the universe and all things in it have arisen and will one day return. It contains all knowledge of everything that has ever happened, is happening now, or has a probability of happening in the future.  Pure awareness is eternal, formless, self-organizing, and evolutionary. It teaches us the language of consciousness, which are experiences we have in the physical world filtered through our body/mind and observed by our awareness or consciousness. Pure awareness can also be referred to as the source, the first cause, or many other things, including God.

Awakening is the realization that far more can be known by our direct experience than any concept, belief system, or narrative of others. This direct knowledge is accessed in our ongoing meditation practices by investigating our experiences through self-inquiry. 

The process of awakening is an ever-unfolding one, a deepening of that which is beyond all words and thoughts. We are in service to ourselves  discovering our truths once awakened. Our experience of it is unique to us, no one else can become awakened for us, you can not read about it and become awakened. Awakening is a path that generally evolves through a regular meditation practice and employing self-inquiry techniques. Exceptions may be a spontaneous spiritual experience i.e., Near Death Experience, episodes of pain, suffering or other profound sudden acquisition of deep spiritual knowledge. Those who study spiritual texts of any theology can come to awakening through the path of knowledge, prayer, and meditation. 

Spiritual awakening is a term given to describe a subjective experience in which an individual’s awareness or consciousness transcends their ego or survival mind and yields a finite sense of self. Awareness expands and becomes focused to encompass a wider, infinite sense of truth or reality. 

I give the following brief definition of awakening in my book after providing about 125 pages of background information: “One who accepts, through validation in their own experiences, that pure awareness or existence consciousness is universal oneness (or God) from which all things arise and subside and understands that we are individually a part of and connected to it.” Understanding that pure awareness and consciousness leads to the experience of oneness and is the primary discovery of waking up. 

To add to and expand that definition, it is fair to say as part of pure awareness the universe exists within us. This is a big new way to think about ourselves. As physical beings we tend to believe we are in the body. With this broader understanding we come to know the body is within us as pure consciousness and that we are observing it just as we observe our thoughts. Now take that one step further and you will understand that the universe is a construct in consciousness and as such just like the body exists within our pure awareness or consciousness. I have other blogs on this subject in my writings to expand on this idea.

When we speak of Enlightenment we are really talking about Awakening that has led to spiritual truths for us, and self-realization is the result. Enlightenment is an ongoing process not a destination, a verb not a noun. Existence Consciousness and each of us are together creating this virtual reality or simulation that presents reality to us on the theater screen of our minds; it is forever changing. Nothing is permanent. There is no end to this process, but it has many things to teach us that are far beyond are ordinary everyday experiences. 

I present here some of the most often recited identifiers for awakening.  Explore these 10 Positive Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening to see if you experience any of these. If you answer yes to some of these you are most likely awakening now.

1. Increased Empathy and Intuition

You find yourself listening less to what people say and more to the feeling or intention behind their words or actions. You empathize with what they are feeling or going through.

2. Feeling Drawn to Nature

We may get distracted when walking outside just being  around nature  looking at flowers, birds, or the sky. You feel the magnificence of it all, its beauty, grandeur and how it creates serenity within you and gives you a spiritual uplifting.

3. An Aversion To Negative People or Behaviors

You find yourself less interested in gossip or pettiness. You are coming to understand that judgment of others is impossible since we can never fully know or understand the experiences, feelings, and lessons of another’s life. We can barely know the lessons of our own lives let alone presume to understand someone else well enough to judge them. The news about today’s catastrophe on TV or the internet may be important, but you are learning it is not as important as maintaining your peaceful equilibrium.

4. A Desire For a United Community

You seem more drained by ‘us versus them’ arguments, energies, or consciousness be it politics, sports, nationalism, racial divides, etc. You are coming to understand that the “I win, You lose” competitive strategy can and should be replaced by doing things where “Everyone Wins.” The beauty and cooperation this would bring to the world would raise it up to a new paradigm. Creating strategies where we all participate in the wealth, knowledge and pride of cooperation is far more satisfying than making a lot of money by creating a strategy to force a competitor out of business. 

5. Feeling and Believing That All Life Is Sacred

We value all life as sacred. You may find yourself taking small bugs outside to live and perform their purpose rather than squashing them in your home. You are horrified by how animals are treated by the food industry who slaughter and sell their meat for profit. You find that you have a new relationship with animals of all types domesticated and wild, they sense your elevated value of all things alive and conscious, regardless of what form they take.

6. Your Consciousness Feels Renewed

You begin to look back on your own life memories as only opinions of your experience versus a concrete reality. You realize now that your entire life experience can be thought of differently based on the consciousness you are evolving that is finding new truths from old experiences, and it is liberating for you. You don’t feel superior because of this knowledge, you feel grateful.

7. You Are Living In ‘The Moment’

We are less interested in asking ourselves “what if” questions. For example, “What if this person never left me” or “What if I had a better childhood?” You begin to know you can make better quality choices from your higher states of consciousness that will improve the quality of your life going forward. You can also grasp a bigger truth by revisiting those what if questions if they are important to you. Those what if questions are now self-inquiry questions that lead to asking “what did I learn from that experience” and those new answers become your truth. This opens you up to begin to focus all of your attention on what is happening in the moment, not trying to multitask your way through the entire day. You know you are making memories that you can examine for their lessons at any time. When you are in the moment you feel wiser, better informed and have greater clarity. 

8. Increased Inner Peace

You don’t mind quiet time or alone time; in fact, you look forward to finding time for yourself in the day. You now tend to shut off the T.V. and social media more often. Your meditation practice becomes ever more important to you.

9. Compassion And Positivity Surges Through You

Rather than wanting ill will for another who may have intentionally harmed you in some way, you hope they discover what you are discovering, that in reality we all are connected. At some point you know you will able to forgive them.

10. Enhanced Authenticity

You need less attention in crowds, public situations or around others. Rather you are content to watch, assist and help others to see their own truth and beauty. You look for practical ways to be of service to others, volunteering with some organization or just finding ways to foster love through small encounters during the day with others, even strangers. You realize that blessings of love and prayers for others

 will help them and you.   

Coming into your own has a cost. There is change involved. You may lose some friends that you have grown beyond. Your loved ones will see the change in you and will usually love you enough to accept the new you. 

You remove attachments to things in your life that no longer serve you and replace them with the idea that you “know nothing” and are here to live life on life’s terms. Your reality will undergo some profound changes that you may second guess but if you go back to self-inquiry you will realize your truth is your authentic way and sometimes that can be hard. You are moving from life happening to you, to life happening for you, understanding that things happen you do not always understand in the moment but eventually you will. You have surrendered to a higher destiny and way to be.

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