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Witnessing, Devine and Unity consciousness

We are in full witnessing consciousness or the Being state when our intellect is directly connected to our higher awareness (soul) bypassing the ego. Our soul is a field of infinite possibilities and correlations with all things, data, and information in the universe. Its primary features are infinite creativity and love, and it is the source of our intention. Our intention can manifest a desire we have by either following a plan we devise in the being state or it can organize its own spontaneous fulfillment of our desire. Often we will notice coincidences or synchronicities as a manifestation begins to bring the parts and pieces of the plan into existence.

We enter a state of Devine consciousness when we are feeling love, joy, equanimity for ourselves (the subject) during meditation and this feeling expands to (objective) things we are witnessing. We feel love and experience the miracle of creation in things we have seen a million times like a rose, a tree, the wind, or mother earth. You are now in the zone where awareness now knows itself as both subject and object as identifies itself as one thing that is all things. Even the witnessing awareness has dissolved you have transcended into a complete state of oneness. 

Unity consciousness is the expansion of the knowing of this experience into our waking state consciousness. Even though we may not be experiencing it at the moment we know experientially what it is. It is not that we just have knowledge of it. We know at our core being level what Sages, Rishis, Yogis mean when they say life is an illusion. We know that we are the seer, the scenery, and the scene, all exits within us, we that that the creator is and all things in creation are, conscious and eternal. 

 I wrote down this experience a long time ago, just after it happened, I think it can help add meaning to the previous descriptions. I call this experience Eye at the Beach.

As I awakened from a deep sleep to begin my morning meditation, I felt a lingering glow that trailed back to something I could not remember from my night’s sleep. The moment I arrived at point consciousness, I found myself sitting on a beach on a beautiful day with the sun at my back.

 I was perched on a mound of sand and grass about ten feet from the shoreline of the calmest ocean I have ever seen. The ocean’s water crept quietly toward the shore, tiptoeing gently onto the sandy beach before retreating. Its color was a vibrant blue, and the sunshine was a white light—brighter than I had ever witnessed. The intensity of the water’s color and the clarity of the sun’s light were beyond my earthly experience of them.

 Then I had a feeling I think we all get from time to time—that someone was staring at me. As I turned my head ninety degrees to the left, I saw in my peripheral vision a huge, floating eye. As it made its way into full view, I could see that it was hovering about two feet above the sand and was at least eight feet in diameter. It came to a stop directly in front of me, just a few feet away. I focused on it and could see my own image sitting on the beach as a reflection on its surface. As I looked into my eye in its reflection of me, I could see a reflection of it.

The glow that had begun my meditation increased in intensity to pure serenity, joy, peace, and pleasantness, but I truly could not get any messaging from this PME while I gazed upon it (as I have in countless other PME’s or peak meditation experiences) . At that point, the experience ended.


I spent several meditation inquiries to piece together the teaching of this PME. I began assessing my feeling of bliss that started off the meditation. The vibrant color of the ocean and the surreal quality of the natural light offered clues that this was a PME, but what was it about? I felt it was probably a continuation of a PME I had in deep sleep that was beyond memory. 

The floating eye said nothing and the information that was communicated was an image of me as a reflection in it, and the image of it as a reflection in me. Was this experience a metaphor with a greater meaning? I decided to approach it from that perspective. 

I came to think of the Eye as Existence Consciousness . Once I did that, I could see that it was showing me that I was reflected in it (consciousness) as it was reflected it my consciousness—in short, that we are but one thing: the underlying field. This brought to mind the well-known observation espoused by the wisdom traditions that EC is the seer, the seen, and the scenery. It was delightful to share in this heritage with the ancients. EC was the Eye, it was Me, and all that was shown in the background was the projection of EC—as the sky, the water, the beach. EC truly was the seer, the seen, and the scenery in this PME, and all of it was beyond earthly experience. I came to understand I AM THAT THAT THOU ART.

I think this experience conflates Witnessing, Devine, and Unity consciousness into one metaphor. I hope this illuminates these ideas for you, so that you may recognize these experiences in your practice when they arise.

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