Chapters in the Story of Consciousness – Lecture Series, Vol 30 . read
Pure awareness, the big bang, and us

Mapping an understandable story line for the universe beginning with  the big bang can help us become be cognizant of the potential of consciousness and ourselves.

We need to begin our conversation with the idea that there was no beginning to consciousness or pure awareness.  Pure awareness has always existed. There was literally no time before the universe and there will be no time after this universe disappears. 

Time is contingent on contrast or opposites, in our case a before and after, past and future exist only int the physical world. In pure awareness there is only Now. Everything in the universe is in contrast to something else, up-down, hot-cold, alive-dead, and as noted the past and future. In pure consciousness only the potential for those things exist not the things themselves without the construct of a universe in which they can be expressed.

Pure awareness contains features we are very familiar with. It has intellect, experiences, thoughts, imagination, emotions, desires, intentions, creativity, is self-organizing, evolutionary and has the ability to manifest images or scenery within itself or its mind’s eye, just as we do. We are aware of these features because we are an individuated piece of the larger field of pure awareness, existence consciousness, source, first cause or whatever name you choose to associate with it.

Science describes the big bang as a small ball of energy (the size of a baseball) that exploded in space 13.8-bilion years ago. It has resulted in the continuous and ongoing expansion and evolution of new galaxies and all manner of species and forms. 

Philosophers, theologians, swamis, gurus, sages, and others, we will collectively refer to as the “spiritualists” would describe this big bang differently.

To the spiritualist group that ball of energy was pure awareness or consciousness. Space was not out-there somewhere but is the eternal mind and intellect we can witness in ourselves (consciousness/pure awareness) when we quiet the mind and become aware of our own awareness. Many people see this as empty space in their meditations.

Einstein said “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” Spiritualist would agree with this quote. Our bodies are 99.999% empty space, and the small amount of matter is energy (consciousness) lowered to a perceptible level to create the physical world for the purpose of sharing common experiences by which to evolve consciousness. 

There has been continuous and ongoing expansion with the appearance and disappearance of forms of all types (think of the dinosaurs down to simple cell organisms) that have evolved according to Darwin through a survival of the fittest model. Spiritualists see this as the evolution of consciousness in form, which maybe Darwinism said a different way.

 A note here: all forms are constructs that arise in consciousness and all human language arises in consciousness to describe them, from the spiritualists point of view. Consciousness brings with it the life force that animates all things and even permeates things that are inanimate. 

 From the scientific point there is nothing to explain what came before the universe or why or how that ball of energy appeared to create our  universe. At best, the explanation is that the universe and all things in it are the result of chaos. A whole bunch of things just randomly came together that created the big bang that led to our universe. Spiritualists point out that the odds of this happening are akin to a tornado sweeping through a junk yard leaving behind a perfectly constructed 747.

Spiritualists in general see the universe as a thought form or mental construct created and held in the mind of pure awareness. This might be described as the scenery or backdrop for all experiences we know to happen. The universe is also self-organizing and evolutionary meaning it has been created for the purpose facilitating the evolution of itself. It has a feedback loop or response to every experience in real time. We can call the feedback loop a scene. It unfolds for all those who observe as an experience. That experience takes place in consciousness, located outside of the body, and is delivered like a TV signal to the brain as an image. 

All the scenery is just conscious forms like us, in real time the Now, changing with each scene to reflect responses to an experience. As an example, the first lumberjack who used an ax to cut down a tree is an experience that is captured like induvial frames on a movie film for the prosperity of all conscious forms participating. That scene ripples through the entirety of the universe and has potentially far-reaching implications. Over time other lumberjacks mimicked this activity and have now cut down enough trees that our climate is in change because there is too much carbon dioxide, that can create havoc for farmers and so on. Experiences create the need to make choices, which dictate the quality of our individual lives and the health of the planet and the evolution or devolution of consciousness. 

Spiritualists see the earth and by extension the universe as one homogenous ecosystem designed to support life in form. Science sees the world as just material stuff and humans as the smartest animal on the planet, so it is all ours for the taking. To be fair this is beginning to change in the scientific community but much of the damage has been done and the need and greed of society continues to want to operate on the old model.

Spiritualists would make one other observation about observations. We are the seers or the witness to all the scenery and all the scenes. Not because we are the smartest, but we have an evolved enough consciousness to make us sentient. Some would argue we are not the only animals on the planets that are aware of our awareness some of those might include pets, dolphins elephants etc.

As the witness of the scenes of our lives we are given thousands of choices to make throughout the day. It is estimated 95% or more of our choices are done at the subconscious level and we are mostly unaware these, like an immune cell fighting off an infections cell. Then there are small choices like what do we have for lunch and larger choices like what career should I pursue, what is my purpose, what do I want etc.

In a nutshell spiritualist tell us we are here to make choices that evolve us at our being level to become love. That is the evolutionary path of consciousness in form. We have another purpose and that is to  evolve our creativity. An example of evolving creativity is to find new ways or technologies to use trees in harmony with mother earth, so the lumberjacks don’t destroy our habitat.  Bad choices can devolve our consciousness which means repeating some lessons, really bad choices like a nuclear war might have irreversible consequences. 

How we evolve ourselves individually and how long it might take to become awakened to our true nature is up to each of us. We all do it on different paths, in different time frames by making choices. No one has any edge over another, we are all created with different aptitudes that will lead us to an enlightened state at some point in some life.

Here is the gating issue to understanding the spiritualist point of view relative to consciousness. It is one field in which the scenery, the scenes and the seers are all one thing. Consciousness is in us, we are an individuated unit of the whole, yet we do not understand this until we have enough experiences and make enough choices to see the patterns of oneness. There is a pattern of connectedness that can not only be seen but felt, especially with the application of tools such as meditation.

We are veiled from our true nature, and we must work to understand ourselves which will bring us to awakening mainly through self-inquiry. No one can do it for us we must evolve ourselves. We have experiences and make choices to create the outcomes we want for ourselves in life, until we awaken to the idea oneness. Once awakened we begin to expand our choices so that they benefit the greater needs of all. We move past manifesting using an I win somebody loses mindset, to a we win together mindset. 

We are in partnership with the universe because it has to respond in some way to every desire and intention we want to manifest, it built the spiritual rule set this way. Sometimes it cannot give us the thing we want because we are not ready for it to manifest. It will give us a lesson so that we can get the thing we want or something better if we work to understand the lesson. Pain can be involved with lessons. This is what makes us embody them at our being level and that lesson becomes part of our personal reality or personality.

Think of life’s first lessons. We come down the birth canal and all at once the 5-senses kick in, we hear voices, see light, experience touch, the taste of mothers milk and her unique smell. All of your sense organs begin transmitting data or qualia. Welcome to our virtual reality your life experiences have just begun and will not cease until the body no longer exists.

Spiritualist would say this does not mean the experiences are lost after death, they are not. The vast majority of people have lived many lives and the culmination of all their experiences are captured at the soul level and retrievable and some are available in the subconscious and retrieval.

It is natural to ask why pure consciousness would bring forth this elaborate virtual reality that is a game it is playing with itself, as we are part of this pure awareness. It has even gone to great lengths to hide or veil us, from itself in dealing with our side of experiences. It seems to want to know how we will behave independent of its experiences. 

It may be as simple as it wants to know, just like us, what it is and what  our ultimate potential in form (all form not just us) can become. We have no understanding even at the soul level of the magnitude of the entirety of Pure awareness. We can only speculate on the part we see, that is oneness, in this universe. If you think of each thing in form having infinite experiences over many lifetimes multiplied by how many trillions of animals, plants human beings etc. that have live in the past and on earth now, that is one big data base from which to explore our potential.

To stay with the virtual reality analogy, we are in the homo sapiens simulation that is the equivalent of an atom in the body of pure awareness’s knowing and intelligence (a very tiny part). What’s in it for everyone, perhaps an eternity of expanded love, creativity, and exploration of an evolving self that is beyond the wildest imaginations of our greatest sci-fi writers today. We can only speculate, and I would suggest we are ill equipped at this stage of our evolution to do anything but appreciate the miracle of it all, and we should do what we can by evolving our consciousness to contribute to that miracle.

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