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Self-inquiry is the constant attention to the inner awareness of “I” or “I am. Self-awareness is the ability to tune in to your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Being self-aware also means being able to recognize how other people see you. People who are self-aware recognize their strengths and their challenges.

Meditative self-inquiry is the art of asking a question about oneself. The most powerful questions are spiritual ones. A question that is spiritually powerful always points us back to ourselves.

The consistent practice of self-inquiry, self-study, and intention-setting can help you deconstruct negative habits and limiting beliefs. They can get you out of a rut. As you cultivate more inner wisdom, your self-compassion will grow and your relationship with others will shift.

The primary purpose of meditation and mindfulness is to become conscious of and familiar with our inner-self, the very source of ever-present love and creative energy. The Self is known by observing what we are, how we think and behave not by what we imagine ourselves to be or the story we tell ourselves. Becoming self-aware aids in self-fulfillment and expands the possibilities of one’s character or personality.

Self-Inquiry Meditation begins with the question WHAT Do I Want in order to  discover the answer to life’s most fundamental questions. For more information read my Who Am I blog. This is a list of exercises that can indirectly help you to discover what you truly want. It will also assist you in resolving issues that maybe preventing you from knowing or getting what you want.

Self-inquiry topics to Focus on: 

I created this list of things to self-inquire about, as reference material for your practice. However, there is no limit to the things you can investigate in your practice.

Here are proven ideas that have been around a long time. As always take what works for you and elevates your knowledge.

The Body Scan: Pay attention to the physical sensations in your body. Start from the top of your head and slowly move your attention downward. After completing the general scan select different body parts like the heart, various muscles, or any organs and breath warm white light into the area. Visualize the breath bringing the light in and then exhale the breath from

 that body part. Sit silent and observe all aspects of the experience before moving to the next part. Feel the energy as it moves in and out, observe your feelings, the cadence of your breath afterward and just relax into your state of being before moving on. 

The body scan can be part or all of your meditation. It will take you to deeper levels by raising your vibration level to subtler frequencies. It can be very enjoyable and relaxing. Your body contains cellular memory from millions of years of evolution it has a lot to tell us indirectly by opening our conscious awareness. This is a powerful technique to add to your practice when you are ready.

Love and gratitude: Bring to mind your love for others, they can be living or deceased and can even be a pet, it makes no difference. The key is to recall a memory which created a loving experience that is still moving for you. It can be as simple as recalling the smile on the face of your loving mother when you were a child, but any such recollection works. Allow this feeling to grow and expand. Feel the warmth begin to consume you. Let these feelings expand out into the universe of Existence Consciousness. 

Examine the gift that is your life, the beauty in the world that moves you, the love and generosity of the creator. You are now entering the Being State the highest meditative state and the place from which you can explore your higher self, the universe, or your subconscious. While in the being state there is a lot of beautiful work you can do, that are all extensions or subsets of self-inquiry. Here are some ideas:

Forgiveness: Bring to mind a person who has wronged you, or whom you perceive to have wronged you. Allow yourself to feel and experience all the emotions associated with that experience, then slowly let them go. Choose to forgive (see my post on forgiveness for more information)

Send a blessing to the universe: Contemplate the entirety of the DeVine and send it a blessing of love and gratitude for all that has been given to you. Think about the things you have been given that you are grateful for. You must feel sincerity and be authentic. Send induvial blessings to those you love, strangers who need help, people who have been in your life that you may no longer be close with, or anybody or anything. Your blessing make a difference.  

 Core Values: Explore what your core values are. What do you really care about? What do you stand for? How are those core values present right now? How does “what you really want” fit with your core values. 

Inspiration: How inspired do you feel in the present moment during your meditation? Explore the intricacies of what makes you feel inspired, or why you don’t feel inspired.

Embrace negative feeling: Recognize that negative feelings are informing you of something that needs to change at your core or subconscious. Surrender to these feelings knowing that everything is as it should be and know that you can explore and discharge these feelings. The universe will provide what you need to get past this. Read my blogs on the subconscious and surrender for more detailed information. 

Your Goals. Think about some of your most important goals. What comes up when you think of them? Do you feel excited? Pressured? Do they feel challenging or undemanding? Do they only fulfill a survival need like paying the rent or do they offer you and opportunity to evolve your curiosity and creativity in a way that makes you love what you do. 

The Humanity of Others. Think of the people in your life. Remind yourself that they’re human, just like you. They’re a conscious, feeling, thinking being, just like you. Tap into a shared sense of humanity with the people around you. There is no one that is greater or lesser than another, we are only at different stages of our conscious evolution. We can be repulsed by the actions of monsters like serial killers but only by their deeds not as the DeVine soul that they truly are.

Being of service to Others: Becoming aware of the pain of those around you can be a potent way to develop more compassion. Think of people you see suffering as the homeless in your city or in a distant place like kids in Africa. Let their suffering in, it won’t bring you down it will raise you up if you respond with love and compassion. Determine if now is a time in your life you can do anything to be of service to them. It can be volunteering, making a contribution to a not for profit that can help them. Sending a blessing of love and healing to those that need it is also a way to take action on the things that you have compassion for. Your prayer can make a difference, but do not do nothing.

Contentment and Happiness: Focus your attention on your own sense of happiness. How happy are you now? What does it feel like to put your attention on your happiness? How could you increase your sense of happiness in your life? Do you want more stuff or more love to increase your joy in life. It is OK to want stuff but balance your desires in your practice.

Meditate on other things that reveal life: Meditate on a tree, the wind, or a stream. A simple meditation appreciating the beauty of a rose can allow you a sense that it is consciously communicating its information that comes into your mind. Notice the color, the fragrance, the softness of the petals – even the dangers of its spikes. Fully appreciate the rose for what it is, a magnificent, beautiful contribution to the esthetics of mother earth and the sensibilities of mankind. How important is a bouquet of roses to a loved one?

Sounds of the universe: From a quite mind state (point consciousness) listen to your bodies heartbeat feel the faint pulse in different locations of your body. Listen to the ringing in your ears and deep within that ringing you will hear a faint sound like a chime that will arise in spaced out sequences. Now listen in even more deeply and you may hear celestial music just a few beats at first and it will repeat once you tune into it. It will be faint, but you will know it because it is not like earth music. If you go still further and turn your attention to hearing the OM sound it to will show up faintly and repeat. Hearing Celestial music and the OM sound are advanced techniques and may take a few sessions to work for you.  

A Conversation in your mind: This meditation is useful if it is coming from your observing consciousness, witnessing the thoughts in your mind like third party. Let yourself think about a conversation you have just had or are having. Who is witnessing your thoughts if not your higher-self?  Bring your attention back to the present. Now examine the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that arise when taking into consideration what the other voice was saying. This may identify a belief you have that keeps you making the same mistake over and over again. Especially pay attention if your higher-self seems to have you review and question yourself.

The never changing you: In meditation go back in time to your earliest memory as an infant or toddler, then fast forward 5 years and another memory, fast forward to your teenage years and recall another memory, fast forward to an early adult memory and finally to memory within the last week. Then examine and pay attention to how your body changed but you the observer is the same throughout each memory. You are not your body. The real you is not aging;  you are the same vibrant observer in each memory.

These are all meditations and exercises that will develop your self-inquiry muscles. You will come to a point with some practice where you automatically default to self-inquiry to make your highest and best decisions. You become aware that your higher conscious intellect or your authentic self is informing your decision making. Your decisions will be made from love not fear. Once the ego is bypassed the emotions will be removed and greater clarity of mind and more creativity options to solve problems will surface. The survival/ego mind is well suited to its purpose of keeping us alive but cannot access the greater aspects of our intellect. 

To be clear it is important to be in the Being state to be certain you are accessing your highest intellect and viewing all possible choices.  

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