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What happens when the body dies

Consciousness is fundamental to both the “Physical Consciousness Reality” (PCR) we live, work, and play in and the “Non-physical Consciousness Reality” (NCR) where we dream, deep sleep occurs, we meditate and even have transpersonal experiences like astral travel or lucid dreams.  

The mind, intellect, and imagination, without the body and ego, travel with us and transcend completely to the NCR after death. The body may perish but the soul or micro unit of existence consciousness, has a lifetime or many lifetimes of experiences in its bank of memories from which to construct your next reality. When we return to the NCR, we still have an energy body and intellect although it is much subtler (higher frequency) than a physical body but is not at the level of Existence Consciousness i.e., completely without form or boundaries or energy. We know this place we return to; we have visited it in our sleep, in our meditations and other ways. We may not recognize it for what it in the physical conscious reality, but we eventually awaken to the fact that we are returning home.

When we are born into the PCR (or earth school) we lose all memory of the NCR and our time between lives and past lives. Spiritual amnesia is necessary for us to engage with the physical reality to evolve our consciousness through the process of intention and choice making. Conversely when we return to the NCR after death of the body, we are the essence of all lives that we have lived and do not have an identity of any one lifetime. The exceptions might be assuming an identity, that loved ones would recognize in order to help them, which can easily be projected to them. 

We are in a state of peace and tranquility as we have no need for our survival body/ego because we have no body. We are no longer in a state of duality requiring choices that raise fears in us. We are pure love. Think of a newborn child and its pureness and the love it attracts from us. This state continues through infancy, the toddler stage and begins to dissipate as the child grows and the survival body/mind evolves. The love we attract as those infants never vanishes but lacks that high powered attraction of the purity in infancy. Without the body we are like that infant loving and being loved without judgement.

While pure love in the NCR sounds like nirvana or heaven there seems to be a desire to return to the earth school. Dualism in the earth school experience provides an expedited path to ever higher levels of consciousness than we would attain staying solely in the NCR between lives. 

 Once we become awakened/enlightened in this life, after death you can either re-enter the PCR or remain in the NCR. This perspective or some form of it can be KNOWN to you though your practice. If you want to call the PCR heaven you may be right, this is likely the basic concept espoused by different theologies and allows for that interpretation in different forms. We could co-create our reality after death with guides and the cosmic or universal consciousness as has been espoused in many past life regression cases. Thereby we are moving into higher states of cooperative awareness that prepares us further for non-dual Existence. 

In the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Tao the concept of God as a controlling figure is absent. In the Tao, there is no controlling center; everything is allowed to be, and each component is viewed as part of a harmonious system. Based on the Tao, there are no prescribed directions to follow; it is left to individuals to find their own way. The Tao Te Ching is a guide for living in harmony with nature, but it is not a manual. If you think death and what comes next is an aspect of nature than one can assume we create our reality in the next life as we have done here.

These are my basic thoughts about death that are explorable by you. There are 7-billion souls on the planet and different experiences create different realities by which the evolution of consciousness will collectively come about. We are in the lower astral planes with this concept which is to say there are subtler (higher level) forms of reality beyond this next stage without a body. 

We can only begin to speculate what those might be like and the wiser among us suggest that we cannot know. My experience points toward renewal and thus I have come to think about death as a misnomer. Birth and rebirth are more accurate descriptions of an eternal consciousness and death as call it is clearly something that is compatible with life. 

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