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Who Am I

We think of ourselves first and foremost as a mind/body working hard to survive in a Physical Conscious Reality (PCR). We move in and out of stress and anxiety many times a day sometimes triggering a fight or flight response. We live two thirds of our day in the waking state. In this state almost all of our time is spent focused on creating safety, shelter, food, social networks, family/Procreation issues and anything to do with survival of the mind/body. Things are going well when our survival needs are met, and they are going bad when any of our survival needs are threatened.

We spend one third or about 8-hours every day in a non-physical conscious reality (NCR) we give almost no thought to. The body creates its reality by taking input from the 5-senses and making a movie in our brains that we think of as reality. Science has no idea how this happens, for now we can just think of it as part of the miracle of life. As we fall asleep the mind is not fully functional and the input has been cut off from the five senses. The mind reaches into the storage file we call our memories and puts together a story that usually is non-linear or and even nonsensical and we call this a dream. Sometimes we receive a knowing dream or have lucid dream where we have bridged experiences in our lives to create some new higher awareness in our conciseness.

We move onto deep sleep, generally after the dream state, where our highest intelligence pure-witnessing consciousness has been separated from a body and mind that are rejuvenating. All that exists in this state is pure awareness of awareness. The seer is aware of itself. This is a place we get to in Point Consciousness or the being state also.

We think of ourselves as the body and the mind, but we are not that. We come into this body veiled from our past life experiences, so we identify with the only thing we know, this avatar we seem to be inside of. You can think of the body/mind as a Conscious Experience Generator. An activity that is witnessed by us as the-seer through our higher self or soul. The body/mind is an activity in consciousness that express itself as a physical reality for the purpose of evolving our consciousness. We can reach this higher state of intelligence, in meditation where we come to understand our experiences through self-inquiry leading to awakening.

The universe is one dynamic field of information. The Images form in our minds from information supplied by the 5-senses of the body and emotions, imagination, memories even recall from our subconscious, downloads from our soul and Existence Consciousness (EC). This information is constantly filtering through the I AM, and we are not aware of most of it in the waking conscious state. 

The universe is one enormous field of dynamic information we call consciousness that everyone can tap into, and everyone shares if they can open to its flow. These images you have of yourself in your mind are appearances or more to the point activities in consciousness. Anything you observe or are aware of is not consciousness but are objects appearing to your higher subjective self.

You are that observer that never changes at the MUOEC level. This is your true self not the body/mind. The body/mind is an avatar that is the experience generator and through these experiences we make choices and evolve consciousness.

Do this thought experiment during a short meditation in the next day or so. Recall memoires from your childhood, your teenage years, your early adult years, and a recent experience. Ask yourself, did your memory make you feel different at each of these different ages? You as consciousness, your higher self is not in time, so you do not experience time in your memories. You are the same observer without change throughout your life. Your body/mind, changes and you can see that happening, but your higher self does not experience that change, it feels like the same observer at every stage of your life. You, the observer, are different than the body/mind.

Time is present in the body/mind as there must be a past and future if we are to have choices by which to evolve our consciousness. In the wisdom traditions this is referred to as dualism. We make choices for survival. Everything has an opposite hot/cold, up/down, black/white and several many gradations between those absolutes. Something happens in our past to create a choice for us to make now, in order to get what we desire in the future. Larger decisions or choices are best made from our higher consciousness, when the intellect, imagination and only positive emotions of love gratitude are present this is The Being state. Between lives we live in a state of oneness, there is no survival mind or ego because there is no body to keep alive.

Good or difficult decisions require we remove fear from the process to improve the outcome for making choices with the highest probability of succeeding. We make changes from the level of the MUOEC down to the subconscious that change how the body/mind and its personality behave in the waking state reality. We can evolve or devolve depending on the quality of our choices. The foundation for this process is using our intention while in a state of love and gratitude which is greatly misunderstood and often presented as positive thinking.

Understanding the correlation between fear, choices and how your intentions creates everything will answer a lot of questions in your daily life. We transcend through our choices from seeing a world of dualism to discovering a world of oneness in our meditation practices. 

I have only touched on some highlights of the I AM here to demonstrate that the I AM is The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences and evolution of consciousness, that leads to awakening and enlightenment.   

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