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On the road to peak meditation experiences

On The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences lets us explore the wonders of our internal and external world. The journey takes us from this dynamic everchanging physical world of objects to a greater understanding of the wonders of our subjective, internal world. We can even go beyond that to explore the eternal world that survives the death of the body in a very practical way. 

By going within to examine ourselves we are truly on a path to awakening but it is more than that, this is The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences. It contains identifiable places during our experiences that tells us where we in the cycle and this can be useful and practical. Let me begin by identifying these for you and then I will tell you a little more about them. If you were to observe a thought you were having and ask yourself, where am I at this moment you would find yourself in one of these venues. 

  • Consciousness: exists in 3 different states. The waking state, our higher- self-level we call the micro unit of existence consciousness and beyond that to the much larger field of existence consciousness. 
  • Mind: is either positioned as survival-mode-on or survival-mode-off.
  • Reality: we are experiencing either Physical conscious reality or Non-physical conscious reality (i.e., awake or meditating/dreaming)
  • Awareness: comes to us in deep meditation. We are in Point consciousness cut off from the 5-senses or beyond to The Being state that includes emotions such as gratitude and humility.
  • PME’s: include transpersonal experiences such as visions, out of body, astral travel, lucid dreams, and others that may lead to a spiritual awakening or transformative experiences of some type.
  • Self-Inquiry: asking those questions of the self that lead to greater understanding of “Who Am I.” 

Existence consciousness is the eternal underlying field of intelligence and information that pre-existed our universe and enables all things to manifest into form and supports all life. We as human beings are a micro unit of existence consciousness or MUOEC and in the waking conscious state are veiled from memories or greater spiritual knowledge we may have acquired before this incarnation. Meditation is the highest and best path for reaching our MUOEC. The waking state is our everyday functioning reality with its attachment to the physical body and mind and prevents most of us from seeing our own MUOEC and working with it.

The mind is complex and has many aspects that dance with consciousness, but we are only concerned with one (for now) that is split down the middle survival-mode-on and survival-mode-off. The survival mind is actually our ego. When the ego is in charge of the physical mind we are in the waking state. When the ego is switched off, we can reach higher states of consciousness in meditation.

Reality is a creation of our own making through our choices. We may be happy and carefree because we have made wise choices however, sometimes even wise choices result in pain and suffering. Pain will be accompanied by a lesson from which we can evolve our consciousness if we are wise enough to do the work to understand it. Our choices normally take place in the waking state or Physical Conscious Reality (PCR)and the ego is almost always in charge of these choices. Higher level choices can be made in the Non-physical conscious reality (NCR). The NCR can be reached in meditation and switches off the ego or survival mode, so a greater number of creative solutions become known to us. Choices can be made from our MOUEC which are almost always of a higher quality. I think of personality as a contraction, it is ultimately the way we come to see and behave in the world based on our Personal-reality experiences. The more non-physical conscious reality experiences we have the more settled and loving our personalities can become.

Awareness is that place where the two most prominent states of our consciousness can be reached. Point consciousness is the state where all input from the 5-senses can be shut down and remain under the control of the meditator. The Being state is point consciousness with the addition of gratitude and love or other emotions, and directed by your intention, to reach a higher state.

Having a PME or peak meditation experience is that place few visit with any frequency but almost all of us have or will ultimately visit. These are those magic moments when we receive direct information or have surreal experiences that can change our understanding of reality or can be life changing at our core being level. PME’s are the in the category of the highest states of consciousness. PME’s are not necessary to awaken, become enlightened or evolve one’s consciousness. They are often metaphorical gifts given to us by EC to help us have a clearer understanding of some lesson it wants us to focus on or is just a lovely bonus experience.

Self-inquiry is the vehicle to reach our destination. The universe is within us and can be discovered if we choose to seek it and commit to the work through a consistent practice of meditation. The greater truths of who we are, what is our purpose, how does the universe work, what happens after death or anything you seek to know can become known to you through self-inquiry. It is an awakened part of our meditation practice that leads to becoming enlighten. 

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