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How to have a full blown PME

A classical peak meditation experience( PME) can be a vision and most people often people think of them this way. French idealist philosopher, Jesuit Catholic priest, and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said “You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”

My guess is that the wisdom imparted by this expression was the result of a PME, known more commonly as a vision. One definition of a vision is something perceived in a dream or a trance state, with a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation or results in a spiritual experience. PMEs can also appear in lucid dreams and other manifestations of consciousness, such as a paranormal experience. PMEs are often spiritual in nature and can be life changing and profound in their teachings.

There are more to PME’s than just the classical vision concept. We need to define the experience in a larger way so that you can be receptive to all of the following. These will most likely occur during your normal daily meditation sessions but can take place spontaneously as well, like in a daydream. I refer to any PME experience that has the potential of evolving our consciousness as a full blown PME.

The following descriptions identify some of the more common ways a full blown PME presents itself: 

  1. A beautifully orchestrated, surreal, metaphorical dream or meditation experience that stretches beyond our normal experiences, enabling us to see reality in a different way. 
  2.  Any paranormal experience in which a new understanding of reality emerges for you.
  3.  Emotionally connected experiences—for example, encountering deceased family members, guides or other who comes into your thoughts, and you have a distinct knowing of their presence. 
  4. Any time we are of service to and help others and that we feel our being level rise up to a higher state of grace and wellbeing.
  5. Making a discovery of a much greater personal truth in life through self-inquiry that connects memories in a way to see a completely new meaning in them.
  6. The ability to use intention in any way that can connect you to an experience in the non-physical conscious reality (NCR) or connect to you EC.
  7. The ability to use intention to make counter programming suggestions to the subconscious or to remove dysfunctional programming.

Existence consciousness or the field of pure awareness will deliver the different types of experiences commiserate with our ability to use them to evolve our own consciousness. Classical visions are not necessary to reach an awakened or enlightened state. If you can use your intention and have a dialogue with EC, awakening and enlightenment through your continued pursuit of knowledge will happen.

Become proficient in these 5-areas of your practice to increase the probability of a classical PME: 

  1. The ability to reach point consciousness, successfully cutting of input (qualia) from the 5-senses
  2. The ability to use your intention to seek information from your MUOEC and beyond to EC
  3. The ability to self-inquire to reveal and eliminate fears
  4. The ability to add emotion commiserate with any intention that you have and rise up to the being level of meditation.
  5. The ability to be aware of gap images

While these steps may seem difficult to learn or execute, they are not, if properly understood. Even beginning meditators can acquire these skills in a relatively short period of time. The keys for new and seasoned meditators is simply to be consistent in your practice and understand the fundamentals of each step.

A special note here:  many people who have never meditated have had classical visions or PME’s. Often, they will launch a more formal meditation practice in order to find answers to questions raised by the experience. I have been having PME’s since early childhood and created a formal meditation practice and launched my research into consciousness for this reason.

For a better understanding of this phenomena, I suggest you read The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences. I include many of my PME’s in my book to teach students how to have and evaluate their PME’s.

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