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Using intention wisely

Intention is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us to evolve our consciousness. We use our intention to manifest a desire for something we want or need. The three highest and best uses for intention are: 1. Used to be of service to others 2. Used to reprogram our subconscious by removing dysfunctional programming and fears 3. Bring into reality physical things or knowledge you desire.

 We use intention to restructure the subconscious to eliminate fears and dysfunctional programs that can sabotage your decision making or your life in any number of ways. That is what I want to focus on in this blog.

Intention is most effectively used, in the PME system during meditation when you have cut off input from the 5-senses and reach the state of point consciousness. You can add a corresponding emotion of love, gratitude, excitement, or passion depending on what you are seeking, and this will raise you up to the higher level we call the being state.   

When you are experiencing negative emotions of any type, you will need to self-inquire while in meditation at the point consciousness or being state level, to find out what is causing the negative fear-based feelings. This takes some practice, but intentions work well in gaining the subconscious minds support if we form skillful questions to ask for the desired information. You will issue positive commands to the subconscious that will change your perspective or behavior to correct or replace dysfunctional programs. When possible, you will use your imagination to envision the positive outcome you are seeking. 

For example, you have a general feeling of being stressed out, ask yourself if you weren’t so stressed, how would you feel?” You might think I would be taking daily walks; I would be spending more quality time with my children or some other thing that would help relive this stress. Get a mental image of feeling that way and of doing those activities. Even if the imagery is not strong or you are having a hard time creating an image you can get good results just using positive new instructions to the subconscious.  

To get better results ask yourself/subconsciousness what is causing this stress and these negative feelings. Form a direct question to your subconscious “Tell me what is causing this stress and anger” do not judge the information just let it come up into your awareness. Sometimes you will need to reframe the question in simpler or clearer terms and ask again.

Once you understand what the problem is direct your subconscious to eliminate the cause of that experience and replace it with a positive suggestion. For example, you discover that you are angry with your boss who does not respect you or is taking advantage of you. You can form an intention that this will “no longer bother me, it is his short coming not my fault. I will do my work and no longer be affected by his misguided management style.” Use a short positive statement like the one above that you will repeat during meditation while visualizing yourself handling a confrontation without becoming angry. You may want to or need to repeat this suggestion to yourself during your meditations for several meditations. 

The more you repeat your hypnotic commands to the subconscious and visualize yourself taking those walks and spending quality time with your children (or whatever the positive outcome would be as the measurable outcome of your effort) the faster your stress and anxiety will dissolve.

Asking your subconscious to identify the cause of what is troubling you may be a bigger undertaking if it stems from some childhood experience that is at its source. Perhaps you were bullied in school and made to feel inadequate or not good enough. That may have happened decades ago and yet you are still carrying this broken dysfunctional feeling/program around with you that flares up from time to time and makes you feel like you are not “good enough.” This may take several meditative sessions until you unpack its source as you will first go through a lot of experiences over the years where this specific feeling has popped up until you finally get to the source. 

This connecting of experiences is what we call bridging in the PME system.  When you see that all your experiences are connected throughout the years you realize the totality of the impact it has had on you. it is a self-esteem problem that is irrational. You have come to the root of the problem. You can remove that program with your intention and crisp clear phrasing and replace it with positive- intention phrases and imagery as in the example above.

The intentional body works with the elements of the mind i.e., the subconscious, imagination, memory, emotions and coordinates your desire for change with your micro unit of existence consciousness or you higher self. I recommend that you practice this until you have control over this process. 

This is foundational for kick starting your practice and discovering the source in everyday life of stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are always fear based. Once you uncover the specific fear and confront it you are learning to be in control of your intellect and emotions opening your intuitive side to creative ideas and options. More options lead making higher quality choices that lead to a higher quality life. Learning how to dissolve fears becomes routine at both the subconscious level and the waking state level. 

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