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Everything as energy and consciousness

Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.

All things from the universe itself down to the smallest particle we can identify, have their own energy field or energy body if you will. Some examples are as follows.

Empty space as in the rest of physics has turned out to be mind-bendingly weird: Empty space is not really empty because nothing contains something, it is seething with energy and particles that flit into and out of existence. Physicists have known that much for decades, ever since the birth of quantum mechanics. 

Can this phenomena that our physicists experience when blasting particles apart at places like the Large Hadron collider in Switzerland shed light on where we came fro?. They see, take pictures of, and analyze particles that appear from the void or a place that contains nothing. It seems as though we could make a case that is where the universe and everything in it came from. Using NASA scientists own words to explain the Big Bang they say it came from the void. However, there is no scientist that has a definition of the void that supports a big bang.

Earth is surrounded by an immense magnetic field called the magnetosphere. Generated by powerful, dynamic forces at the center of earth, the magnetosphere shields us from erosion of our atmosphere and creates a safe haven for life. 

Our physical bodies interacts with its environment via ambient fields such as light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and with all other living organisms to generate massive amounts of information in the form of energy fields. Our five senses create our waking conscious reality from the data it receives from these fields.

What the ancients knew about energy was related to the life force aspect of consciousness that animates our bodies and that science cannot explain, even today. It has different names in different cultures. For example, it is known as Prana in India, Qui (pronounced chi) in China, Ki in Japan.

Millions of people around the world today do experience it in their own energy body, which each of us has but most people are unaware of. It is not a body in the physical sense that you can see on an x ray. It is a body none the less. The Chinese having been putting needles into it to reduce pain for thousands of years. In the west we know it as acupuncture. The Hindus call it the Parana body and it contains chakras, meridians and nadis in an elaborate distribution network.

The wisdom traditions of the east never lost sight of their teachings that predated the Greeks panpsychism model suggesting that the universe and everything in it have arisen from pure conscious awareness that predated the universe. The universe itself will collapse back into this field, returning to its original state or expand into oblivion according to current cosmological predictions. 

From the personal experiences of countless people alive today and sages, gurus, swami’s and others over the last hundreds and thousands of years, consciousness is considered a fundamental field of data and information that is provided to us and all things. This idea agrees with the concept of panpsychism. Consciousness is an infinite unbounded, self-organizing field of potentiality far beyond our limited awareness of reality and or our ability to comprehend it in the waking conscious state of mind.  

There is almost universal agreement that this higher field of consciousness is within in us. Millions of people around the world experience and explore it every day through self-inquiry and exploration. Once our intentions to seek it out are known by the field it will begin to open up new realities to us in meditative states and through other experiences of expanded consciousness. Its purpose is to help us evolve to a greater understanding of our true nature and potentiality. 

Most people identify themselves with their body, mind, and intellect and this is how we experience the physical world, and it forms our reality. There is a way to know a greater reality that is available to each of us.

 We have a higher state of consciousness which is a mirror image of existence consciousness but on a smaller scale we call our micro unit of existence consciousness or MUOEC and it can be reached through meditation and other ways. 

This is where all the experiences of our past lives and lessons from those lives are stored and can be accessed if we choose to evolve our consciousness. The MUOEC is also our connection to Existence Consciousness itself. In order to awaken and become enlightened we need to learn the language of consciousness and the path through meditative self-inquiry. We can learn to reach the higher levels of consciousness found in the MUOEC and existence consciousness.

This is the journey few people choose to pursue but offers the greatest frontier for the advancement of the human species. Its potential is far beyond the machines and other creations of our intellect. The evolution of each individual MUOEC moves humanity as a whole and each of us individually toward our greater potential and a new way of being.

All of the deep questions about our purpose, why are we here, what happens after death or why there is anything at all and much more, can be known and experienced by going within. The future is not and has never been about traveling outward through space to the stars. It has always been ours to discover by traveling inward, through the space of existence consciousness to know ourselves and our destiny.

Note: to be clear I am not suggesting that mankind should not fulfill its destiny to create, explore and become aware of the mysteries of the greater physical universe only that for most inward exploration will bring greater peace and serenity.

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