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Giving your thoughts form

Thoughts can have great consequences or can be meaningless and assigned to the dust bind of our minds because we do not develop them.  We have thousands of thoughts per day. Many require a call to action whereby we must make a choice between several options. Most might be just innocent musings that arise in our imagination and are entertaining, while others may be dark (like a revenge thought) and arise from anger or negative emotions.

Physical Conscious Reality (PCR) is the waking conscious state, and our perception of reality is coming through our five senses. We are in this state when we are reviewing our thoughts and what action to take or not take regarding them. Nonphysical Conscious Reality (NCR) is when we experience reality without input from the five senses as in dreaming, hypnosis, or meditation. Thoughts that are not acted upon reside in our memory in the non-physical reality and will stay there until we take action to bring them into the physical reality by giving them form. They may randomly recycle through our awareness again and disappear if we take no action or think about them any further.

One of the teachings of the PME system is to always be aware of your thoughts, are they negative or positive? Our goal is to obtain control of our mind and actions through self-inquiry leading to making the highest quality decisions possible bypassing the survival mind state (ego). We have experiences, that lead to memories, that may lead to desires or that may involve thought in some other way.

To move them from the non-physical conscious reality to physical conscious reality is to give thoughts form and is done: 1. By speaking the thought as in telling someone else 2. Writing it out in some way, which is similar to speaking it 3. Committing action to the thought. Forming an intention and committing our consciousness to manifesting it.

An example of the first three actions: You are running low on shampoo 1. You ask your spouse to pick it up for you 2. You put it on list to pick up at the store 3. You get in the car and just go get. All three of these actions pull it forward into form. The is desire for more shampoo that has led you to one of the three actions was initiated by an intention to end up with the shampoo, so intention enters the picture by default.

This is the process of a healthy mind that can be witnessed by your higher conscious mind we call you micro unit of existence consciousness or MUOEC.  Witnessing or being aware of your thoughts continually will improve their quality by creating the habit of observing and questioning your thoughts. Witnessing or reviewing your thoughts at the MOUEC level in meditation before is the most effective method. However, witnessing at the waking conscious level can be very helpful and is a good place to start practicing. I am not talking about routine thoughts here like getting shampoo but thoughts about why you are angry, treated someone poorly or any thought that has emotion attached to it good or bad.

 Many of our thoughts are subconscious i.e., you chose the brand of shampoo a long time ago and you just do the same old thing and buy it when you run out. Researching your shampoo choice may lead to a replacing it and giving you a better experience at a lower price with more variety than your old brand.

Learning to witness each of our thoughts means raising questions about the quality and the reason for our decisions as we are bringing them into form. This is a key function to our everyday practice of self-inquiry. If we continue doing the same old things that are pattern generated by the subconscious nothing changes for the better.

In addition to witnessing our thoughts, witnessing desire and out intention, is an important step to make sure we are not making a lower quality survival mind or ego choice. Once you have examined the action and are considering changing the behavior you need to be keenly aware of the method for expressing your intention to yourself to change it.

When you are manifesting new thoughts into form and want to change them it is important to create short, directly focused commands, that you will repeat to yourself whenever the thought arises or throughout the day as an affirmation. Repetition is the key to making it work in the subconscious.

The deeper more effective subconscious programming is done in meditation as counter programing and can create a stop gap change. However, for things that you discover that are the source of ongoing negative thoughts, emotions, and outcomes in your life it is more effective to completely remove them through your meditations. 

Becoming aware of your thoughts at a deeper level through witnessing and learning to counter program or remove negative subconscious patterns is an important component of self-inquiry techniques and consciousness evolution used in the PME system.

 I highly recommend that you begin observing your thoughts now, even in just the waking state. This small step can effectively improve the quality and number of choices available to manifest or bring your thoughts to form. To find out more about negative subconscious patterns I recommend you read The Subconscious blog. If you have already done so revisit the sections on reprogramming the subconscious, it may have greater meaning for you now. 

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