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Law of attraction

Much has been written over the years about the power of intention also known as the law of attraction. A lot of it in order to exploit folks into buying books about how to become rich using this secret to wealth. However, there are some scientific studies now being done validating that intention is a real thing. A good source book is The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart that documents the power of intention for healing. Another author and academic, Brenda Dunne is also a great resource in this area.  

The secret that promoters often refer to really is not a secret at all. It is something we come into this world naturally possessing but do not give much thought to. Some among us figure it out because they have a desire to manifest something and pay attention to the process. There are steps that must be understood to tip the scale of manifesting a thing you desire in your favor.

Let me use this example of how we create or manifest. You find a wonderful person that you fall in love with and have a desire to marry and the next thing you know you are living in wedded bliss. That love evolves into something special, and you and your spouse determine you want to share this world and the love you have for one another with others, and you begin a family. You both have a strong emotional desire of love attached to this intention (both of you are in the being state through you love for one another) so it is one of the more natural demonstrations of the law of manifestation I can use. 

Think about what happens next from that simple intention to manifest a new life. A journey that combines the DNA of the male and female bodies in the womb begins the miracle of life. The child will be born into a home that is manifesting a deep loving emotional intention for a new family and the desire for the expansion and sharing of love.

I just focused on intention and the process of manifesting a new life but equally important and somewhat obscured from our thoughts is our ability to have a desire for anything, envision that desire manifesting and then with existence consciousness or the creator’s help manifest the outcome. The process here is as important for us to take note of as the outcome.

You will remember we have experiences, that become memories, that may have an emotion attached to it, that leads to a desire. We then form an intention while in the being state (a state that has an authentic emotion tied to the intention) in order to make it manifest. A complex or long-term intention must be accompanied by a plan. 

Procreation in this case shows us that we have this ability, helped along by nature but so are other things we desire to manifest. We form intentions every day from the smallest to the largest of things we want to see come into our lives. Maybe we want to become a doctor or want to write a book, or we just want a ham sandwich for lunch. 

The first step is visualization in our minds of what that might look like i.e., wearing scrubs saving someone’s life in the O.R., writing a bestselling novel or two slices of whole wheat toasted bread, some mayonnaise, ham, and cheese.

In the doctor example the plan is long and complex and will take many affirmations over the years of smaller plans, adjusting to the changing data. Each affirmation lets EC know you still want this desire to manifest so it keeps working toward helping you with that. In the sandwich example you can pretty much manifest this on you own. 

Having a specific goal is necessary. If the intention is to make a million dollars without a plan you do not have an intention you have a wish. Many promoters of the law of attraction (which is what I am referring to here) oversimplify the commitment to manifestation making it sound as easy as just visualizing what you want and then forget about it.

Manifestation is directly related to the quality of our consciousness. We can either maintain the discipline, focus, and single mindedness or we cannot. This is where self-inquiry and learning the language of consciousness and strengthening it through practices like meditation can be helpful. The Intentional Body is an aspect of our mind dedicated to manifesting desires and has a specific role to play that largely involves accessing our micro unit of existence consciousness (higher self, atman, soul).

Increasing the power of your overall consciousness through meditation creates strength and concentration in all corners of your being including the intellect, memoires, and imagination to support our intentions ability to manifest a desire. 

The last thing may be the most important of all. During meditation we visualize the thing we desire and the outcome as though it has happened. We ask the universe for help in manifesting it and let it know you will do your part by having a plan and working on strengthening your creative conscious powers it has given you. The universe sees this intention like a child holding its hand up in class eagerly wanting to answer the teacher question. You enthusiasm or excitement coupled with your commitment will nudge the universe to send all of the elements into your life that is needed for your desire to manifest. You do not need to do anything else but affirm different aspects for your plan from time to time. If you cannot rise to the challenge or the universe cannot bring into your life the things that are needed it will give you a lesson to further prepare you. This lesson will help you evolve in this life in some way that may be of greater benefit than the thing you wanted to manifest. Embrace the entire experience you will get something of great benefit to you.    

We have focused here on manifesting something for ourselves but the greater secret of the power of intention is to use it for the benefit of others. A blessing of love or to heal another, said softly under your breath with deep sincerity will return more to you than anything you will ever receive from an intention to manifest something for yourself. Giving of ourselves from the being state is the most powerful modification to consciousness that is available to us. It is well documented that if we pray or meditate in groups using our intention to help others, the benefits are greatly amplified.

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