1. Introduction to the Concepts of Peak Meditation Experienceslisten
Intro to Frank and review of the Existence Consciousness

2. What is a Peak Meditation Experience listen read
A Peak Meditation Experience (PME) can sometimes be described by a more common term as a vision. One definition of a vision is something seen in a dream or trance with a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation or a spiritual experience. 

3. What they do not tell you about meditationlisten read
In order to have a working relationship with Existence Consciousness we must develop meditation skill levels that will allow the practitioner to get to point consciousness. This is the state where you have
successfully cut the ties to your 5-senses and stopped receiving qualia or input from them.

4. How we perceive reality listen read
There are four basic states of consciousness in which all experiences take place, although there are modifications of these states depending on the experience we are having. In the waking state we observe the physical conscious reality, in the dream and deep sleep state we perceive nonphysical reality and in meditation we can perceive both states.

5. Consciousness and paranormal experiences listen read
Society accepts experiences where there is input from the 5-senses, in other words physical input and evidence that is available to anyone who observers the experience. However, when an experience exceeds this definition by making itself known only to an observer or a few observers but does not have solid physical evidence it is outside of a normal everyday experience.

6. Survival and the ego listen read
The ego is subconscious programming that is there to keep the body safe, healthy, and alive. It is the co-pilot of our waking state consciousness but has control power over all decisions if it is activated by fear or even simple body sensors like feeling pain, hunger, cold etc.

7. Religion, mysticism, yoga self-inquiry and PME listen read
Religion, A belief or faith in a god or gods and the activities that are connected with this belief, such as praying or worshipping in a church or temple and observing other rituals. A mystic vision (a PME) is something seen in a dream, trance, or religious ecstasy, especially a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation. Yoga is one of six major houses of thought in Hinduism.

8. Thoughts about enlightenment listen read
Self-realization is the pursuit of understanding the details of these things within our own consciousness and endeavoring to overcome them.

9. The subconsciouslisten read 
The subconscious deserves some exploration especially in light of scientific advancements (since about 1990) in understanding this aspect of consciousness.

10. Expanded consciousnesslisten read
The best source of information about consciousness in the world today in the opinion of many scholars is the Vedic and Upanishad literature from India, which dates back thousands of years. We will also explore some ideas from well-known physicists of the current, and last century. 

11. Are out of body experiences real? listen read 
In studying the ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Zen, Taoist traditions, and others I come to learn they all had an understanding of an energy body. In Hindu philosophy prana the Sanskrit word for breath, “life force” permeates reality on all levels including inanimate objects.

12. Law of attractionlisten read
Much has been written over the years about the power of intention also known as the law of attraction. However, there are some scientific studies now being done validating that intention is a real thing.

13. New meditators and PMElisten read
No matter what your motivation there are trigger points for failure with early-stage meditators. Some of those are: 1. they have been told that they need to quiet their mind and get rid of their thoughts 2. they cannot concentrate …

14. Are human beings’ rationale listen read 
Psychologists once maintained that emotions were purely mental expressions generated by the brain alone. We now know that this is not true, emotions have as much to do with the heart and body as they do with the brain.

15. Giving your thoughts formlisten read
Thoughts can have great consequences or can be meaningless and assigned to the dust bind of our minds because we do not develop them.  We have thousands of thoughts per day. Many require a call to action whereby we must make a choice between several options.

16. Everything as energy and consciousnesslisten read
Our physical bodies interacts with its environment via ambient fields such as light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and with all other living organisms to generate massive amounts of information in the form of energy fields. Our five senses create our waking conscious reality from the data it receives from these fields.

17. Using intention wiselylisten read
Intention is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us to evolve our consciousness. We use our intention to manifest a desire for something we want or need.

18. How to have a full blown PME listen read
My guess is that the wisdom imparted by this expression was the result of a PME, known more commonly as a vision. One definition of a vision is something perceived in a dream or a trance state, with a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation or results in a spiritual experience.

19. On the road to peak meditation experiences listen read  
The journey takes us from this dynamic everchanging physical world of objects to a greater understanding of the wonders of our subjective, internal world. We can even go beyond that to explore the eternal world that survives the death of the body in a very practical way. 

20. Who Am I listen read
We think of ourselves first and foremost as a mind/body working hard to survive in a Physical Conscious Reality (PCR). We move in and out of stress and anxiety many times a day sometimes triggering a fight or flight response.

21. What is my purposelisten read
Developing a working relationship with our MUOEC requires we become really familiar with all our emotions and the range of our intellect. Our intellect is much greater, and you are already much wiser than you believe, you just need to learn how to unlock your potential through self-inquiry.

22. What happens when the body dieslisten read
Consciousness is fundamental to both the “Physical Consciousness Reality” (PCR) we live, work, and play in and the “Non-physical Consciousness Reality” (NCR) where we dream, deep sleep occurs, we meditate and even have transpersonal experiences like astral travel or lucid dreams.  

23. What do I wantlisten read 
If you are comfortable with the basics of getting to a meditative state, you are ready to take a very big leap that will bring you to a higher level of awareness through self-inquiry. The next big step is to ask the question, What do I want?

24. Forgiving oneself and others listen read
Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or groupRegardless of who has harmed you, whether they actually deserve your forgiveness or whether you choose to forgive someone (excluding forgiving yourself here) it does not mean you are condoning or excusing offenses. 

25. Surrenderlisten read
Surrender is our true self being in harmony with a living active universe of Existence Consciousness that whether we are aware of it or not is constantly providing information, guidance and much more to us. This is the reality we want to be able to access to have a method for avoiding pain, suffering, anxiety, and stress.

26. Who Am I as the Meditatorlisten read
This Meditation expands on the Who Am I meditation posted elsewhere. Who Am I as the meditator explores two different realities and their relationship to our witnessing awareness, the soul, and the universe.

27. Self-inquiry –  listen read
Self-inquiry is the constant attention to the inner awareness of “I” or “I am. Self-awareness is the ability to tune in to your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Being self-aware also means being able to recognize how other people see you. People who are self-aware recognize their strengths and their challenges.

28. Bridging, memory, emotions, and patterns listen read
Coming to terms with those things that have caused pain and suffering in our lives is the best way to explore our minds and rid ourselves of them. We can learn to identify and explore fears underlying negative thoughts associated with our memories through self-inquiry during meditation. 

29. Ancient wisdom 8 limbs of yoga –   listen read 
I am a lifelong experiencer of paranormal consciousness phenomenon including astral travel, remote viewing, telepathy, pre-cognition, out of body and healing experiences. My earliest recall at about age 3-4 years old was playing with adults that were loving, kind and happy to be with me.

30. Mind Works, Dreams, intentions, thoughtslisten read
Mapping an understandable story line for the universe beginning with  the big bang can help us become be cognizant of the potential of consciousness and ourselves. We need to begin our conversation with the idea that there was no beginning to consciousness or pure awareness.  Pure awareness has always existed.

31. Witnessing, Devine and Unity consciousnessread
We are in full witnessing consciousness or the Being state when our intellect is directly connected to our higher awareness (soul) bypassing the ego. Our soul is a field of infinite possibilities and correlations with
all things, data, and information in the universe.

32. Living and thriving in a Sick Societylisten read
The focus of our exploration here is searching for a way to deal with a sick society in our everyday lives. We will explore how to reconcile our free will with the greater unity consciousness of our society and to a
lesser degree the world.

33. Are you Awakened listen read
Here we will discuss the larger field of Pure awareness, broad definitions of awakening and I will give you 10 examples by which you can judge for yourself whether or not you are on a path to becoming

34. The probability field of Akashalisten read
The probability field is a rolling prediction of what may happen in the future based on what has already happened considering all data and trends of our collective consciousness. The closer we come to an event the more likely or probable that future prediction will occur.

35. Making good choiceslisten read
Decision fatigue drains you of your energy to make thoughtful choices. Whether you’re making breakfast or deciding what to wear in the morning, your brain is making upward of 35,000 decisions each day,
according to Eva Krockow, lecturer at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. By the evening, you’re exhausted, but you can’t quite put your finger on why. Chances are, you may be experiencing decision fatigue.

36. Memory much more than just recall listen read
Each memory is unique, based on our personal experience, and each is based on our interactions with the outside world. New research suggests such experience-dependent learning not only archives those
experiences but also helps shape our brain development and the way we process memories later in life.

37. 9 Imagination Quotes to inspire your meditationslisten read
I want to focus your attention on perhaps the single most important aspect of our minds, our Imagination.

Sometimes we need to stop living in an external world and journey
inward to a different world. That world is our personal evolutionary
journey made possible by our creativity and enabled by the most noble
of our mental assets, imagination.

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