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Q.  I feel like last summer I was going through this spiritual awakening. Even some of my woke friends said I was changing and going through some awakening process. But now looking back, it feels like nothing’s changed, it’s like I’ve regressed. It’s like I was moving forward in life and then I just stopped. Is it because I’m lazy? Is it just not my time……


Many people who have awakened come to the fork in the road that says what’s next? We believe everything should be sunshine and roses and when it isn’t we second guess everything and wonder if our awakening was real. You are not alone.

There is time for everything under the sun as the saying goes. There is a time to be a human-doer and a time to be a human-being.  We toggle between the waking state of physical conscious reality and the other side, dreaming, deep sleep, meditation, metaphysical things including your spiritual awakening which you accessed at your being level. 

Paths to awakening require spending enough time gaining spiritual knowledge so that you can, at the soul level finally awaken to its existence (your long meditative walks). All the information you need can be accessed to by going inward but most often it is not a linear path. You clearly are in this category. 

Gathering of information is the human-doer part. It often is a matter of continuing to acquire spiritual knowledge at the conscious level without being overwhelmed by it. Information must settle into your consciousness at all levels including the subconscious, that is the being part. 

It’s time to stop trying to use the intellect on those long walks to analyze things, just LET GO or surrender for a while. This may sound contradictory but don’t stop gathering other ideas but don’t judge them in anyway. The good ideas will join your worldview when the time is right, and the others will fall out. Even the information that is not valuable to you now may become important later. Don’t try to figure things out let it bubble us in your consciousness, and it will when you are ready for it.

Sometimes we become confused, depressed, and lethargic, this is where you are now, and I  would say you are overwhelmed trying to figure things out. Focus your meditation on complete mind stillness for a while, you will know when you are recovered. A suggestion might be to listen to binaural beat music at a least 13H or greater for a few sessions. No effort, no thoughts, no questions, no reflection just listen and be in the moment, you need the spiritual downtime and rejuvenation. Do not be concerned you will recover and meditators around the world have experienced what you are going through. 

 Embrace the negative feelings you are experiencing; these too are part of your journey and meant as a teaching and are normal on this path. Surrender to them, give thanks to the universe for them and just relax into them “knowing that everything is as it should be.” I know it easier said than done but just surrender, it is OK to do that.

 For now, when you take those long walks just focus on appreciation of everything you see in nature or around you, don’t analyze things, be aware of your thoughts and stop them if analysis starts up. Set your mind to gratitude, sending blessings of love  to loved ones or to anyone or anything else. There are plenty of things in the universe to be thankful for. If you pass another on the walk smile, open your heart, say good morning, they will feel you, let them know at your being level (in silence) that the spirit in you recognizes the spirit in them. You are now beginning to express in the physical conscious reality that which you have learned in the non-physical conscious level. Embrace this idea, surrender and your spiritual equilibrium and energy will return with these simple steps. Good luck you will recover it happens to all of us along the path.

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