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Q. While in meditation there were sounds perhaps of a voice but there were also varying tones, like an instrument that were very clear. That would last for a second or two but would only occasionally happen. Can you please help me understand what’s going on?


These types of sounds can arise from time to time in one’s practice, but many meditators do not pay attention to them. I have experienced what I can only refer to as heavenly music, beautiful sounds that are melodic, short in duration and repeat. I have heard the OM sound for extended periods as well. Many experienced meditators report this phenomena. Sounds usually occur after some time and at deeper levels, meaning you are in a higher state of awareness.

 I experience them in what I call the gap moments, those moments when you catch something happening you are not expecting but it is normally quite faint. It can present as some very miniscule thing appearing in your third eye or as a faint sound such as your experience and other ways. This is your consciousness opening up to the universe and your awareness evolving. Pay attention to all GAP experiences they can lead to wonderful new expanded dimensions in your awareness.

We all have tinnitus which is common and presents as ringing in the ears. However, if you can distinguish a small chime sound that will arise with some space between them (among the ringing sounds) this is a common astral sound that most people can explore with intense focus and is in the realm of your experience. You can think of astral sounds as higher states, vibrations, or frequencies in consciousness associated with various higher levels we rise too when meditating. I refer to these higher states as point consciousness or the being state. This is what you are experiencing.

I have asked this question of deeply experienced meditators, and many have experienced this phenomenon in some form. What you are hearing, like the OM and music sounds I have described, and other sounds is natural. It is not common, but most meditators are advised to dismiss them as not being important and even a distraction. 

I am in the opposite camp; I believe this is a dimension of your consciousness I suggest you explore when it arises and not dismiss it. It is natural to explore it. It can be very relaxing, enjoyable, and even take you deeper into your meditation. Don’t attach a lot of significance to these sounds, there is not great meaning here, it just exists. You can attach significance to the knowledge that your practice is expanding, and astral sounds are validation of that. Good luck, enjoy the sounds.

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