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Q. I have been meditating every day for 10 months and last night had something very cool happen, so I want to share it. I was having a bad dream, I don’t typically remember my dreams, but I was having a dream where I was trapped somewhere and trying to get out and felt panicky and afraid…


This is a lucid fear dream. You are getting this from your subconscious or your higher self and there is a metaphorical message here for you to deconstruct the fear and understand the life experience it is associated with. You may continue to get these types of dreams, or they may show up in your mediations until you understand the lesson. If you can learn the lessons of fear dreams or fear meditations you can advance your practice in a big way. You will have demonstrated to the universe the necessary courage to explore new things. You have entered an advanced state in your practice. Buddhism and other traditions support and promote lucid dreaming and there are specific teachings for learning to lucid dream on demand.

The larger existence consciousness system, your higher self, soul or whatever you would like to call it will not let your practice advance to its potential until it knows you can handle fear. You demonstrated in your dream that you could remove yourself from the dream, face it with courage and become mindful. The next step is self-inquiry to understand what the meaning of that particular dream was for you.

Learning to have courage to face fear evolves your consciousness and allows for greater experiences during dreaming, meditation and might include paranormal experiences or metaphorical type visions. These are advanced approaches consciousness employs for expanding wisdom. 

To deconstruct a fear dream, enter meditation, recall the dream, see what fear/emotion it brings up, focus your attention on that. If it is stress it is from an experience in the past, if it is anxiety, it is something that you are worried about in the future. Sometimes it takes a few sessions to uncover the fear, but it is worth the trip. Try and connect or bridge it to other memories you have in the waking state that have the same emotion/fear and dig in there. 

Once you understand the fear use the same approach to deconstruct the dream to understand it meaning for you. 

I have at times had to go all the way back to my childhood to get a full view and connect the fears too other experiences that give me a big picture. Each time we understand the lesson a fear experience is revealing to us and can deconstruct it during subsequent meditations we notice our practice becoming richer and our experiences more expansive. 

Fear dreams are not uncommon accept them for what they are, a revelation and a way past your fears.  Nothing can harm you it is all a story for your benefit to evolve the strength of your consciousness. I think it is a valuable lesson for all meditators to be aware of fear dreams and to know that we create them ourselves and can dissolve and learn from them with this technique.

Congratulations on handling this experience so well. For more on this you can review a some of my fear dreams in my book The road to Peak Mediation Experiences where I expand on how to deconstruct fear drams and understand their meaning.

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