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Q. I’ve meditated my whole life and have had my fair share of religious experiences, but never got around to doing an Om chanting meditation before. It was a beautiful experience. I lost touch with my body, the Om was spilling out of my mouth all by itself, my entire skull and chest would reverberate towards the M syllable in a way that was deeply pleasurable. There was no thought, no ‘I’, just Om and silence and Om and silence, forever…


Hinduism and most of the off shoots emanating from the Veda’s and Upanishads including the Yoga sutras are a wonderful foundation for any practice.

 Om or Aum or some derivation of it can be found in every religion or wisdom tradition in the world. In Christianity it is said as amen but elsewhere the OOOOMMMM sound vibration or frequency is known to contain a powerful influence and raise our own being level vibration to ever subtler levels.

I learned an OM meditation years ago in reading Paramahansa Yogananda’s interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita. He was a Kriya Yogi who practiced energy meditations of all sorts focused on the spine and the chakras.

 I have found it to be the most powerful AUM meditation I have tried. I will share it here with you, our listeners, and readers. You can find chakra charts online if you are not familiar with their locations. Some may vary from my description, but any location works with this meditation.

 It starts at the base or root chakra at the base of the spine and a few inches outside the body. Just breath into the root chakra and on the exhale chant OOOOMMMM aloud. Begin at the root chakra location moving up to each of the 5 spine chakras until you reach the crown chakra also located outside the body a few inches above the head. Slowly moving up the spine feel the vibration in the chakra you are focused on, sit with the vibration at each chakra a moment, before moving on.  

The root and crown chakra are both located just outside the body, but you can feel the vibration from each in the base of the spine and the top of the head area, respectively. You can continue for as long as you like making the loop from base to crown chakra or move on to another technique. Once you are proficient you can get the same vibration saying OM quietly to yourself. Coincidentally I used it this morning for the first time in a month or so and still find it to be one of the most powerful techniques in my repertoire. I appreciate that you shared this experience. I have not come across many people in the west who know how really powerful this mediation can be.

I have taken the long path to answering your question and I am sure by now you already know the answer. The first few times the exhilaration can be quite stimulating but it will settle down and be quite manageable. I predict it will continue to be one of your favorite techniques over the long term as it has been for me.

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