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Q. I learned from a 4-hour meditation in the Himalayas that meditation the mental state does not depend on geography and that no place will suddenly do anything special no matter how magical it may be. The true paradise exists within you. I know this is not a question but was wondering about your thoughts on this?


This is the wisdom of your practice illuminating that which you truly are. Interestingly it came to you in a place many regard as paradise, perhaps not the garden of Eden but a deeply spiritual local.

 It makes no difference if you are a Muslim, Christian or Jew visiting Jerusalem, each sees as the place as the origins of their faiths which they attach to. Historical locations may inspire a deep spiritual experience for many of us.

 Conversely Aborigine‚Äôs doing a walkabout in the outback of Australia, seeking answers have a larger attachment to nature another paradise if you will. We love to able to relate to our ancestors and our heritage. We are walking around with their genes in our bodies so there may be some physiological implications. Our bodies have cell memory that dates back to the beginning of Homo Sapiens.

It may be that old churches, synagogues and temples serve the purpose of attaching us to something more profound than ourselves, that is tradition. However, I agree with you the bliss you are calling paradise exists within all of us. 

As we gain wisdom we can give up attachment to locations and structures that symbolize ones heritage and attach ourselves to this light within. 

The I Am That I Am was the response to Moses’s question of who it was he was talking with, when he saw a burning bush that never consumed itself. That is the only place in all the historical scriptures where God identified itself by name.

I find it interesting that each of us refer to ourselves multiple times every day as I am i.e., I am doing this or that, identifying ourselves by that name that was Witten about thousands of years ago in the Torah or Old Testament. The light within us, the I Am is the awareness of awareness, a creator that can manifest ideas, things, love, compassion, and empathy and wants to serve others. We too are that. That is what has been illuminated within you. I am sure this is the paradise you speak of and only through self-inquiry (save an existential spiritual transcendence) do we come to know the I am as the light.

 It makes no difference if you are part of an organized faith or religion, belong to one of the great Wisdom Traditions or have come to know the I Am through your own studies and experiences. We can be in the Himalayas or astral travelling halfway across the universe at the speed of thought, we are all on a path to awakening. There are as many paths and places for doing that as there are souls on the planet, we just need come to know our I Am to do it. Congratulations on your insight to this understanding, it is a big deal.

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