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Q. Does anyone just meditate because they enjoy the act itself? I really enjoy the act of meditating itself and I’d do it even if it didn’t create future benefits like manifesting something, which I consider secondary benefits to the enjoyment of present moment.


Most people meditate quietly without expressing an intention to receive something. This is what western meditation teaching systems in general promote. Many people drop out of meditation because there is “no place to go” if you will, beyond the peace and serenity of the moment. 

Make no mistake, there is considerable value in rejuvenating all components of the body/mind and just sitting in peace with your higher-self and Existence Consciousness, especially if you take pleasure in it.

However, the original intention of meditation was the pursuit of a future outcome, and that outcome was awakening and enlightenment. Meditation is the enabler of this pursuit. This is what you may be talking about when you refer to a “future outcome.”

Yoga practices date back to 2700 B.C. The great Sage Maharshi Patanjali systematized and codified the then existing practices of Yoga, its meaning, and its related knowledge through his Yoga Sutras. A large component of Yoga is meditation. Many Sages and Yoga Masters have contributed to the preservation and development of the field through their well-documented practices and literature over thousands of years. 

The goal has always been to discover the universe within ourselves, or the I AM in a systemic teachable method that leads to enlightenment. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, and many other ancient traditions include meditation as a path to a “future outcome” or awakening and enlightenment.

Sadly, in the west if you do not belong to a group such as the those I have just mentioned, this approach is seldom discussed. Many individual spiritual seeking meditators have found that just sitting quietly lacking, have joined the ranks of self-inquirers. While others have dropped because they saw no destination for their meditation practice to lead them to. Most meditation teachers in the west do not have the foundation for teaching anything more than a basic meditation state.

If I have misunderstood the meaning of “future outcome” and you are referring to using intention to get those things people desire, or a future outcome, then you may be witnessing people who are employing, The law of attraction, Intention and Manifestation. I have covered this elsewhere in my writings and you can find more information on this subject on my website.

I am happy that you are having an enjoyable experience with meditation and am in no way trying to suggest you move beyond that if it serves you well. In the future if you have a desire to seek answers to spiritual questions or make difficult life choices that may arise, know that your practice can expand to help you with these things as well.

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