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Q. I am an early-stage meditator, but I really enjoy it and now want to pursue a path of knowledge. You have used the term consciousness in many different ways and sometimes I am confused by how you are applying the term. Is there any way you could shed light on the different definitions and how consciousness can be different or how it might have different meanings?


This is a wonderful question, and I am so glad you brought it up. I love it when fresh eyes and voices speak up in pursuit of knowledge this is important on the path to awakening. I will organize this as best I can based on the Peak Meditation Experience (PME) principals I teach. However please keep in mind that a cornerstone of my teachings is for you to not believe what I tell you but to find your own truth through self-discovery. There are many paths to awakening and many stages we go through along the road and my system is one to help you find what is important to explore. Always keep an open mind to a greater truth that may come along. 

  • Existence Consciousness (EC): The underlying wellspring from which the universe and all things in it have arisen and will one day return. I also refer to this as pure awareness, EC contains all knowledge of everything that has ever happened, is happening now, and has a probability of happening in the future. Eternal, formless, self-organizing, and evolutionary, EC teaches us the language of consciousness when we self-inquire. It can also be referred to as the source, the first cause, or many other things, including God. It can and does express itself in form like human beings but itself is not transactional as it never takes form directly. We are and expression of EC in form as is everything that can be experienced in form including the entire universe. The universe is managed in real time both by laws of the physical conscious reality (PCR or the waking state we are in now) and laws we can perceive in non-physical conscious reality (NCR, of spirit). 

If you have an intention the universe coordinates all of the players to come into your life when they are needed. The law of attraction is coordinating all of the ongoing activities to fulfill your intentions this is an example of the law of NCR. The are other laws that govern the physical conscious reality we call physics.  The universe and everything in it can be thought of as an ongoing activity that exists in the mind of EC. It is a construct in which EC can experience itself in all forms and all participants can share in these experiences until the concept of oneness is understood by us, the actors in this magnificent play. The ancients wisdom traditions refer to the universe and activities in it as illusion. Today we might say it is a virtual reality we log on to from the soul and play until we come to know our true self or the I AM. 

  • Micro Unit of Existence Consciousness (MUOEC): We are agents of Existence Consciousness through our Micro Unit of Existence Consciousness most often referred to as our Soul. It is our small piece of EC that connects us to it and oneness. The MUOEC is the eternal witness to every deed that transacts in our body in this physical conscious reality—in this life and our previous lives. It connects us to EC, where even higher states of intelligence and spiritual connection reside. The MUOEC is your higher self, your soul, and it mirrors the qualities of EC. To be clear it is the repository of the entire history of all of your past lives and can make this information available to you through your meditation practice. We are each EC itself, but appear to ourselves as veiled (from our past lives and experiences) individuated units separate from EC. Our journey is to find our path to understanding that we are one with EC and thus all things. As we progress on this path we can ultimately integrate or dissolve back into EC according to many of the eastern wisdom traditions. 
  • Physical Conscious Reality (PCR): This is our body/mind in the waking conscious state and our perception of reality comes through our five senses. The Mind/body is the experience/generator for all our activities in the PCR. The MUOEC is veiled from our waking state consciousness and can only be reached by piercing the veil. This is most often done through a meditation practice that shuts down the ego in the subconscious so that the soul can provide information to the Body/Mind. The soul does not make decisions for us but provides an expanded data base for us to make decisions from, and clarity of mind by which to make those decisions. We have a life plan that we created before we came here that the MUOEC/soul strives to keep us tracking with. The MUOEC is also the agent for the Body/Mind to reach beyond, to EC itself.
  • Subconscious: Ninety five percent of what we do is on autopilot, housed in a program running in the subconscious, and we do not even think about it. An example might be driving to a meeting, the mind is focused on something for the whole drive, and we are surprised when we arrive at our destination. Once we learn a repetitive task the subconscious can easily perform it for us. Our subconscious also has millions of years of evolution programmed into our cells that perform thousands of functions in our bodies every second that we are unaware of. These can affect our behavior and decisions in many situations. We also acquire information through our 5-senses that our waking state intellect never pays attention to that ends up as data in the subconscious. Information we never knew we possessed until we come across it through self-inquiry, hypnosis, or some other way. This information can be surprisingly detailed regarding things our conscious mind knows nothing about and we can be baffled by how this came about. The subconscious loves repetition and is easily programmed through auto suggestion or hypnosis to change a program it may have learned or a belief it may have attached to that no longer serves a purpose and those beliefs can even sabotage us. The subconscious and the MUOEC are rich fields of information ripe for investigation through self-inquiry.

Everything in the universe contains information or data that it communicates or can be communicated to or received from other sources. We can tap into information from our data bases and the data bases of others at the body/mind level, at the soul level and subconscious levels, even from the universe itself that contains the entire history of everything since the big bang. 

I hope this is helpful to you. It is a lot to get your mind around all at once, don’t let it overwhelm you. I suggest you print this off and come back to it from time to time. Good luck you are definitely on the right track.

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