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Q. I see you are a proponent of having a spiritual worldview and wonder why you feel it is important. I meditate every day for 20-30 minutes, and I almost always become relaxed, and my stress is gone afterward. How would a spiritual worldview improve things.


I am pleased to hear that you can reduce your stress through meditation, this is a sign that you have gained control over the mind and its wanderings. 

At some point almost everyone asks themselves these four basic questions: who Am I, why am I here, what is my purpose, what do I think happens after death? The last question becomes more important as we grow older as there are a significant number of people who fear aging and death.

My general advice to all of my clients is dig your well before you need the water in other words start asking yourself those questions now and find out what you think. 

The fact that you have a practice and use it to relax and rejuvenate signals to me that you could easily expand your practice to include self-inquiry. Self-inquiry informs your worldview, and your worldview expands your inquiry. It expands your inquiry by finding things in your experience that do not fit or conversely you find things in your practice that open you up to a whole new understanding of how the universe works.

You begin to think about those four questions every day and you will find that you not only rely on your subjective experiences to inform your worldview, but you begin to see what others have to say and even look for some hard objective evidence.

 You may look to ancient spiritual literature, metaphysics, religion, science, or YouTube. It makes no difference where the stimulation to ask yourself the hard questions comes from or even if you agree with things the others suggest as a truth. What does matter is that you go within during your meditation and see how new information might inspire, fit, or change your outlook. If new information enhances your worldview embrace it and amend your thoughts. Be prepared to throw out parts of your worldview if you find out later a better pattern to your worldview arises from new information.

Never close your mind via your worldview to an ever-larger spiritual truth. We as species are quite ignorant of how things really work. By testing your worldview, you are always mindful of the evolution of your thoughts, desires, fears, intentions and are showing the universe you are open. The universe will accommodate those who seek. I like to say that it is like the student who is always raising their hand in class, the teacher is inspired by their enthusiasm and more than willing to help them. 

You can learn much about yourself that travels with you into the next dimension. In the end we are here to learn. Connecting or bridging our thoughts to our higher self in meditation gives us the greatest clarity of all. Having a spiritual worldview gives us the road map for doing that.

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