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Q. I am really trying to understand what the true purpose of life is. I mean we are born and then in between birth and death is the life. After death I believe our soul/ energy moves on to another body (but that’s just me). There are people that we see like Elon Musk who builds things for betterment of life and on the other hand we have those screwed up rich kids who party all night wasting their families fortune…


The purpose of your life is contained within the question itself, it is to discover your purpose, through exploration of your “I Am.” You do this by being born into a world veiled (no memory of your true home between lives) from your past lives and your experiences between lives. We launch from our true home of spirit whose primary qualities are love and creativity into a physical body. There is no conflict in the between lives state because there is no body to keep alive, said another way the ego is not present you are in a state of oneness. 

To make the journey think of this universe as a physical and conscious virtual reality alive and evolving. It is the manifestation of pure awareness or existence consciousness the underlying first cause of everything. It has created many sub realities, simulations, or conscious forms so that it might experience itself in diverse ways i.e., plants, animals, human beings. Evolution is part of our process both in the physical body/mind and more importantly at the higher self or soul level. We have evolved through the lower conscious experience stages to the more complex choice making of where we are now, sentient beings aware of our awareness. When I refer to lower consciousness stage, I mean anything that can make a simple choice like a single cell organism turning itself toward the sun in a pond to survive, is conscious because it can make a choice. 

We are all moving toward complete integration from the soul level into Existence Consciousness itself and we are here to help one another reach this state. It becomes clearer what our purpose is when we reach awakening and can self-inquire. We can even reach out for answers directly from the universe while in this life. The long-term goal is for this entire mass of our consciousness to dissolve into the larger field of Existence Consciousness.

We live in a world of contrasts like up/down, black/white, hot/cold, alive/dead. Most of our waking state choices are involved with staying alive i.e., food, shelter, and procreation, in the modern world those things extend to having a job, social networking and accumulating ever more stuff to fill the longing created by the lack information we seek. 

The choices we make add to the growth of each of us at the soul level. Being kind, compassionate and empathic evolve us as loving beings. Make no mistake, it is a messy process but highly effective if we employ self-inquiry during mediation into all choice making. Really bad choices can result in devolution at our being level.

 Perfection is not the goal in this life. Perfection is a cumulative process from all our past lives. We design a life before we come here to work on specific things to evolve our consciousness ever further. Each life if lived well will promote ever higher subtler realms of awareness.  One way you can do this by investigating your actions at the level of the higher self every day in your meditation practice.

 Our early experiences relate to survival but at some point, we all begin to ask questions like yours ” Is there really no true purpose of life,” which comes from the higher self. The Peggy Lee song “Is That All There Is” sums up this seeking. In the song she describes a soul who resigned to just party because she is stuck in having experiences in life that are unfulfilling and does not see a path to awakening

 We self-inquire in meditation to discover our truth which opens a view corridor to our purpose. We are all at various levels and our truths are fungible. The more you understand the more your truth can expand into something greater.

The process of our lives begins with an experience becoming a memory, creating a desire for something (a thing or knowledge) and leads to forming an intention to get that thing. In the case of Who Am I the knowledge already has been given to us as well as a path to retrieve it, it is already in your knowing at the soul level. You can find it through self-inquiry in your practice. It is not something you can truly know at the level of the intellect it must be experienced at the Being Level through your practice.

The universe will give you what you seek i.e., this knowledge and anything else. If it cannot give it to you because you are not ready for it, it will give you a life lesson that will open your spiritual eye to the answer. Sometimes these lessons involve pain, I have found that through pain the most important lessons have made their way into my knowing. This is my truth, you must seek your own, my words are meant to encourage you to do that. Good luck investigate self-inquiry.

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