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Q. Is there free will? Yes and no. When we feel free will but don’t have free will to make the choice we have a Paradox. Who says something has to be a certain way The boss, the police, you, me? Today, I feel there is free will other days I do not. Can you help me see free will from a different perspective?


To be sure there are many philosophical points of view on this hotly discussed subject. I will try to expand on it for the benefit from the perspective of meditators seeking enlightenment. If you consider the universe a virtual reality or some kind of intelligent design and not a result of randomness than we might accept that it has rule sets or laws. These laws would apply to the physical world and the waking state reality. We create this reality thought the input or qualia coming from the 5-sense organs.

We can only have free will to the extent we do not violate the laws of physics’ that we know, and the laws we have not yet learned. This seems to place some mitigating restrictions on free will.

We also live in a world that has contrasts i.e., up-down, black-white, hot-col, alive-dead. Our free will decisions are mostly focused on some choice between these opposites that gives us the greatest freedom for ourselves, but never complete freedom or the ultimate truth. This concept is also called dualism.

We have another reality as sentient beings and that is we are aware of our awareness. We experience this non-physical conscious reality during dreaming, deep sleep, meditation, and metaphysical experiences. There are many people who have had near death, out of body, astral travel, precognitive experiences, remote viewing and more. All of these appear to violate the laws of the physical world, so it seems there are another set of laws for the spiritual/conscious reality that greatly expands our free will. That would be consciousness itself.

Our practices lead us to exploring things such as the laws of attraction and using our intention to manifest what we want. This is coming closer to a very robust expansion of free will, but there are a few bumps in the road here. Fear, and lack of understanding of the universe within ourselves will prohibit a complete exploration of free will. We must have knowledge and a commensurate evolution of our own consciousness, the inner universe. In other words, we need to have sufficient discipline over our minds to access this higher state of awareness. 

If we return to the concept of other paranormal activities like we have discussed and can accept this type of subjective evidence in the greater field of existence consciousness, then we have an explanation for the universe science cannot validate. 

The contemplation of ultimate free through exploration of consciousness using meditation, self-inquiry and other techniques can leads us to exploring oneness. 

The irony is as we see that free will is achievable in the physical world, but we find our desire for it diminishes and is replaced by the desire for love, creativity, and oneness.

 It is within our very nature as spiritual beings to have the curiosity, imagination, and desire to manifest and then to do it. Free will is only a small dimension of this journey and will be available to us at the levels we need at each step we take forward. 

Do we have free will? Yes as co-creators of our lives with the universe. The universe that created that path for our experiences to happen in this life. The universe that directs everything to us that is needed to have those experiences so that we can evolve.

A note here: you may think that pain is the antithesis of free will, but it is not. Its purpose is to move us toward love and ever higher dimensions by giving us lessons they may cause hurt or suffering when we are not ready for that thing we desire. The lesson if you pay attention to it will get you ready and open up free will.

Perhaps it seems like a paradox, but the real paradox is that we have a world of contrasts or duality by which to evolve our consciousness at all.

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