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Q. Have you or anyone else in the community noticed that when talking with other people they can actively listen in a way that feels like it’s releasing others negative emotions? When I start to listen with the vibrations within me, similar to meditation, the person I am talking with seems to relax a bit and starts talking in a less painful tone. Do you have any insight on this?


Kudo’s for observing that your attitude and vibration will be felt by the person, animal, or thing you are engaging with. Trying to be in this state is really you are expressing a state of love for others at your being level that can produce grand affects. It also reflects an awareness of your thoughts which is a trait of self-inquiry.

 Anything of consciousness i.e., animals, trees, or anything down to the cellular level of your body and other’s bodies will feel your being level presence especially when you amp it up with love. This is the concept behind spiritual healing.  Most conscious organisms, I am speaking primarily of humans and animals here, will respond positively unless they are damaged by some unresolved life event where they no longer trust people and are closed off emotionally.

You are open and do not make judgments about others when you are in this state for any reason other than to protect yourself from harm 

We should make every effort to help another anyway we can, and the best way is tuning into them with love. This is what you are doing to get this response but not quite aware of at your waking conscious mind state. It is good to avoid judging anyone at any time, as you have become aware of it in your waking state by checking your thoughts often.

Our goal in our practice of self-inquiry is to discover and focus on those things that are restricting our own growth and to become love. You are thinking positively from a place of love when you devote all of your attention to another. This is an act of what we call fostering. You are fostering a kind and loving response in others raising each of you up to a higher state.

Recognizing our lives are in our hands to create that which we want to attract and knowing we cannot do it without love in our hearts is the lesson. Judgement, blame, and beliefs hold us back on the spiritual path. I am happy for your discovery; you  now have a wonderful foundation from which to grow your practice.

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