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Vol-1 Ask Frank: What is meant by the term – listen, read
Q. I’ve always found this idea of just letting go to be a useful reminder
of what I’m aiming for with meditation and mindfulness. Go with the
flow – just let go of the preconceptions and thoughts your mind is
fixated on. Directly experience this moment for what it is. Can you
expand on this idea for me.

Vol-2 Ask Frank: Why does mindfulness – listen, read
Q. I’ve been getting back into mindfulness of breath meditation after a few years of not doing it for some reason. My anxiety has been unbearable lately, so I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness daily to calm myself down and be present; however, I’ve noticed that I only feel more anxious during and afterwards. Sitting there alone with just my thoughts causes me to only find new and more ways to get anxious…..

Vol-3 Ask Frank, Where does true – listen, read
Q. I learned from a 4-hour meditation in the Himalayas that meditation the mental state does not depend on geography and that no place will suddenly do anything special no matter how magical it may be. The true paradise exists within you. I know this is not a question but was wondering about your thoughts on this?

Vol-4 Ask Frank, What are your thoughts about Om – listen, read
Q. I’ve meditated my whole life and have had my fair share of religious experiences, but never got around to doing an Om chanting meditation before. It was a beautiful experience. I lost touch with my body, the Om was spilling out of my mouth all by itself, my entire skull and chest would reverberate towards the M syllable in a way that was deeply pleasurable. There was no thought, no ‘I’, just Om and silence and Om and silence, forever…

Vol-5 Ask Frank, I mindfully stepped out bad dream – listen, read
Q. I have been meditating every day for 10 months and last night had something very cool happen, so I want to share it. I was having a bad dream, I don’t typically remember my dreams, but I was having a dream where I was trapped somewhere and trying to get out and felt panicky and afraid…

Vol-6 Ask Frank, What are these unusual – listen, read
Q. While in meditation there were sounds perhaps of a voice but there were also varying tones, like an instrument that were very clear. That would last for a second or two but would only occasionally happen. Can you please help me understand what’s going on?

Vol-7  Ask Frank, How can I stay awake…- listen, read
Q. I have been getting up very early for work. I prefer to meditate in the morning. Historically I have meditated best while lying down and listening to binaural beats via headphones. The problem is that I am falling asleep too easily and missing out on my meditation even when I have gotten decent sleep. Obvious answer might be to meditate while sitting up, do you have any other suggestions?

Vol-8 Ask Frank,  Should I go to a 10-day meditation… – listen, read
Q. I have been doing anapana meditation for 20 minutes a day, for more than a year now I have been wanting to go to a 10-day vipassana course to accelerate my practice, which I booked recently.

I came to know that a friend of mine from college had a full psychotic episode during the retreat and he was taken home on day 6….

Vol-9 Ask Frank, I thought I had a spiritual… – listen, read
Q.  I feel like last summer I was going through this spiritual awakening. Even some of my woke friends said I was changing and going through some awakening process. But now looking back, it feels like nothing’s changed, it’s like I’ve regressed. It’s like I was moving forward in life and then I just stopped. Is it because I’m lazy? Is it just not my time……

Vol-10 Ask Frank, How many people have… – listen, read
Q. Please explain here where are all my brothers who have reached enlightenment? If you’ve reached it, you have to be at least curious if there is anybody who has. I am one of those who know. I read somewhere that there is only “one” and I’ve read in other places that there are many. Could it really only be me? If there are many others…

Vol-11 Ask Frank, How do I talk with… – listen, read
Q. Have you or anyone else in the community noticed that when talking with other people they can actively listen in a way that feels like it’s releasing others negative emotions? When I start to listen with the vibrations within me, similar to meditation, the person I am talking with seems to relax a bit and starts talking in a less painful tone. Do you have any insight on this?

Vol-12 Ask Frank, Is there free… – listen, read
Q. Is there free will? Yes and no. When we feel free will but don’t have free will to make the choice we have a Paradox. Who says something has to be a certain way The boss, the police, you, me? Today, I feel there is free will other days I do not. Can you help me see free will from a different perspective?

Vol-13 Ask Frank, What is Life’s true… – listen, read
Q. I am really trying to understand what the true purpose of life is. I mean we are born and then in between birth and death is the life. After death I believe our soul/ energy moves on to another body (but that’s just me). There are people that we see like Elon Musk who builds things for betterment of life and on the other hand we have those screwed up rich kids who party all night wasting their families fortune…

Vol-14 Ask Frank, Why have a spiritual worldview… – listen, read
Q. I see you are a proponent of having a spiritual worldview and wonder why you feel it is important. I meditate every day for 20-30 minutes, and I almost always become relaxed, and my stress is gone afterward. How would a spiritual worldview improve things.

Vol-15 Ask Frank, Why does yoga help my meditations… – listen, read
Q. I’ve recently begun practicing yoga before my first meditation of the day, and oh my word my body and mind already feel so relaxed by the time I’m laying down. It also relieves some of that tension in my body. This has made my sessions much easier and more fulfilling. Can you deepen my understanding of why this works so well.

Vol-16 Ask Frank, What are the different Stages… – listen, read
Q. I am an early-stage meditator, but I really enjoy it and now want to pursue a path of knowledge. You have used the term consciousness in many different ways and sometimes I am confused by how you are applying the term. Is there any way you could shed light on the different definitions and how consciousness can be different or how it might have different meanings?

Vol-17 Ask Frank, Why do people meditate for a future… – listen, read
Q. Does anyone just meditate because they enjoy the act itself? I really enjoy the act of meditating itself and I’d do it even if it didn’t create future benefits like manifesting something, which I consider secondary benefits to the enjoyment of present moment.

Vol-18 Ask Frank, Does ignoring thoughts and feelings… – listen, read
Q. Does ignoring thoughts and feelings cause them to become buried in your subconscious. If I ignore a thought I can generally return to a quite mind state. It can be different when I have a strong feeling arise in me and I can become confused or taken out of that quite place. I am concerned that when I have a strong feeling it will continue to return if I don’t deal with it. Your thoughts please.

Vol-19 Ask Frank, today is my first day clean … – listen, read
Q. I am a drug user and extremely nervous for today, not really sure what to expect. I relapsed and went on a 2-week Xanax bender taking anywhere from .5-4mg a day, I decided to do a somewhat quick taper, which I know many people don’t agree with. I was able to drop my dose very quickly in my taper it took about 2 weeks.  I feel okay besides some depression and anxiety, like I said I am very nervous and do not really know what to expect, will meditating help at all? Will I be, okay? What should I expect? All kind words are very much appreciated.

Vol-20 Ask Frank, is social media a glitch in our society… – listen, read
Q. With rapid technological advancement, many have questioned the benefits and side effects of social media on a user’s psychological health. I believe we definitely have a problem in our society without a doubt but it’s effect on us is deeper than what most people have imagined, good or bad. What are your thoughts?

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