Frank Leonesio
Author and Life Coach

Before Frank Leonesio wrote his book The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences and started his online community, he had ample experience as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman. He successfully founded 12 companies, and he has raised millions of dollars for charity. He was perhaps best known for his work in the fitness club industry before he decided to focus on something much more important.

Frank has experienced paranormal consciousness phenomenon all his life. This includes astral travel, remote viewing, telepathy and precognition. He’s also had out-of-body experiences, and he has practiced spiritual healing. He started doing his own research in hopes of better understanding his experiences.

Frank did not just look at his personal experiences, he also looked at disciplines of science, philosophy, and theology, the wisdom traditions of China and beyond. His research and his experiences allowed him to write his unique perspective.

The Journey Behind the Book

Frank’s writing is compelling because it is inherently personal. With absolute candor, he describes the biggest struggle of his life. He calls this period The Great Downturn, and it was a five-year struggle that drove him to depression, alcoholism, marital separation, spiritual crisis and financial upheaval. After 40 years of unparalleled success, he lost his identity and purpose, believing his life had come to an end. Abandoning everything, he went into self-exile to find a path to a new reality based on his decades of consciousness research.

A Guide for Eager Readers and Learners

Frank instructs the reader on the path he discovered, the one that led to his recovery and awakening to a new way of being. The book The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences will reveal to the reader how to examine life, and it will compel the reader to discover his or her authentic self. Frank teaches the reader the art of self-inquiry that leads to high-level conscious experiences. Then he helps them evaluate those experiences by sharing many of his own visions and his personal analyses. Frank pulls no punches in sharing the highs and lows that brought him to peace, harmony, and bliss in his life. This book is a guide to elevating your consciousness to experience and enjoy life at a level known to only a rare few.

Read the Book and Join the Community

The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences started as a book, but it is more than that today. Frank has expanded his platform to be dynamic and interactive. By building a unique community, he offers a propriety enlightenment system that you won’t find anywhere else. When you join the community at The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences, you will discover a supportive network to challenge you as you move forward. Membership is free. Frank has 40 years of experience and he’s ready to help you.

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