12-Meditations that Will Awaken The Soul

This Meditation Course reveals: Hidden Truths, Your Authentic Purpose, Features of Immersive and Existence Consciousness, Karma, What Awakening Really Is, How the Real The Law of Attraction Works and more…
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Master Class and AWAKENING Video

These 12-Meditations Become One Master Teaching

12 extraordinary unique self-paced teachings that will upgrade your meditation practice to the highest levels and give you tools to work with for all of life’s challenges. This course fast-tracks new realizations with every lesson and is unequaled in its power for attaining results. The course maps a path for transcendence from the ego to the Being state to Devine Love. You will learn how to overcome obstacles like fear, dysfunctional beliefs and apply the real and complete Law of Attraction to your life. You will gain mastery over your life by learning to make difficult or complex decisions from the highest state of your intellect and much more… 

Who can benefit from this course

If you have an established daily meditation practice and can reach a basic state of mindfulness for 30 minutes or more you can benefit from this course.

What is the source of information for the curriculum 

This course borrows from the greater sciences of the mind and consciousness that have been developed over millennia from long established traditions and ancient texts like the Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, Buddhism, Taoism, and also current scientific research. Register here its free, just name and address will get you a password to access all content.

Discover the Universe of wisdom that exists within you 

This course works with a multitude of meditation and self-inquiry techniques that will enrich your practice. It connects the Higher-Self (pure awareness), the Inner-self (subconscious) the Soul (the repository of all past life experiences) and the greater reality of Existence or God Consciousness. It puts us in touch  with our higher reality while building a library of successful techniques that equip the participant to understand and solve complicated life issues. Here is a sample list of some of the Mediation techniques incorporated into the teachings.

•  Analytical Meditation

•  Compassion Meditation

•  Visualization Meditation

•  Auto Suggestion, Self-Hypnosis Meditation

•  Exploring The Subconscious Mind Meditation

•  Self-Inquiry Meditation

Who should take this course

  • Meditators who want to discover the greater potential of consciousness.
  • Former meditators who did not experience the hoped-for promise of meditation and lost interest.
  • Beginners, early stage, and seasoned meditators who want to have peak meditation experiences. 
  • Meditators seeking happiness, financial prosperity, and spiritual knowledge.
  • Meditators seeking to understand their purpose.
  • Meditators who want to develop skills for healing emotional pain and suffering.
  • Meditators who want to use and practice self-inquiry.
  • Meditators seeking a path to awakening and enlightenment.

About Frank Leonesio, Author, Meditation Coach and Consciousness Researcher 

Before Frank Leonesio wrote his book The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences and started his online community he was a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman. He successfully founded 12 companies, and he has raised millions of dollars for charity. 

Frank has experienced paranormal consciousness phenomenon all his life beginning before preschool age seeing and having conversations with deceased relatives. Other later experiences include astral travel, remote viewing, telepathy, precognition, and  out-of-body experiences. He started doing his own research decades ago in hopes of better understanding his life-long experiences. He learned there is an ancient science of consciousness for mapping our own minds that has been known to mankind for thousands of years. He brings this knowledge to life using contemporary metaphors that bridge the gaps to fully understand the meaning of these teachings throughout this course.

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Here’s the overview of the course.

Course study, Prologue, Things To Know Before Beginning

Vol-1 Course Study, Purposeful meditation

Vol-2 Course Study, Introduction to Existence Consciousness

Vol-3  Course Study, The Being State

Vol-4 Course Study, The Mediation Prayer

Vol-5 Course Study,   What Do I Want

Vol-6 Course Study,  Making Choices

Vol-7 Course Study,  Forgiveness

Vol-8 Course Study, Hidden Truths

Vol-9 Course Study, Surrender

Vol-10 Course Study, Immersive Consciousness

Vol-11 Course Study,  Purpose and Karma

Vol-12 Course Study,  Conclusion, Awakening

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