Life & Meditation Coaching

What to Expect: Life Coaching

As a serial entrepreneur, Frank started up 12 companies over a 40 plus year career. He was often the only employee in the beginning. He says:

“It takes three qualities in abundance to bring companies to life;

1. Ongoing creative vision

2. Complete love for every element of every task

3. Knowing that during the difficult challenges, every company will face, a quiet mind will find a solution.”

He has hired, trained, and mentored staff from warehouse personnel to sales and beyond to C-suite executives. Several of his companies employed thousands of people. Frank credits his ultimate success to helping his employees be successful with everyday life problems.

He says, “my work in consciousness research, led to self-inquiry at levels that allowed me to see people in a very different light. Helping people evolve in their careers was easy if their life problems were resolved. Helping people to effectively deal with their ‘other problems’ became my greatest reward. Some of those related to stress and fear, relationships, rethinking habits, improving communication, finding a new life direction, or seeking their own path to self-inquiry through meditation.”

Frank’s clients usually seek his help for one of three reasons:

1. They want guidance and feedback on a particular challenge.

2. They are exhausted and want someone who will identify the problem, create a plan, and direct them on the plan, this is a form of temporary surrender.

3. They want to become self-sufficient in solving any upcoming life problems on their own, they are open to learning new ideas.

Frank will work with each client based on their needs and may employ a combination of all the above approaches in his client’s plan. Contact The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences to learn more.

What to Expect: Meditation Coaching

Frank’s meditation experience and consciousness research, an extension for a greater understanding of meditation, were on parallel paths with his entrepreneurial endeavors throughout the decades.

He works with his clients customizing meditation solutions based on individual skill levels and the teachings in his book, The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences. His passion is to bring his clients to a higher level of conscious evolution through self-inquiry a skill many meditation systems do not teach.

Book a FREE 30-minute call with Frank to answer questions about Life or Meditation coaching services to see if working with Frank would be right for you. Click the Schedule Session button and pick a date and time that works for you, and you will receive a confirmation, it’s that easy.

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