We experience Physical Conscious Reality (PCR) through the interface of our 5-senses with what we perceive to be an outside world, but is it an outside world? Our experiences are taking place in a dark moist area surrounded by a thick encasement of bone we call the cranium. The waking state mind is only making an interpretation about what it thinks it knows from the 5-senses. This incoming information is called qualia. It is not seeing anything that can be validated it is just reporting to the observer (our witnessing awareness) its interpretation of an object, based on how it has been programed. The other aspects that complete the story of the experience we are seeing is our memories, intellect, emotions, imagination, and intuition. 

Intuition is a way we learn by bridging together information at the subconscious level that is often not apparent to our waking conscious minds. These other aspects can alter the meaning of an experience. The survival mind or ego can also alter it. By coming to know ourselves through meditation and self-inquiry we can identify which forces are at work within us to come to know who we really are.

The greater reality is the Non-physical Conscious Reality (NCR) of the universe we call Existence Consciousness. The universe is one enormous field of dynamic information and potential that everyone can tap into, everyone shares, it is that which we are, consciousness and intuition. EC is the foundation of oneness, and we are that, that it is, albeit a much smaller version yet our potential is enormous.  

The universe is computing every thought and activity in real time to coordinate all life activities everywhere based on its laws. There are two sets of laws 1. The laws of the PCR we call physics 2. the laws of the NCR include the rule sets of how we are designed to work beginning with the 5-senses discussion above and moving along to using our intuition. There is a larger moral subset generally understood as “Do unto Others” that we struggle with as a species but can prevail over individually.

We live in both realities: the PCR is the waking state consciousness where we are gathering information and making countless decisions every day in order to survive. During sleep we are in the dream state, a mid-waking state where the mind is creating images from memoires and input from the 5-senses has been turned off.  We then move onto deep sleep where the mind is completely shut-down, there is only awareness, the streaming service of the mind is signed off and soundly sleeping. Advanced meditators can experience this state. It is described as awareness of pure awareness. 

There is another state that is available to us, Meditation. In this state we have cut off input from the 5-senses (cutting out the ego) and have a direct connection between the intellect and our higher-selves we call the soul, or I call the Micro Unit of Existence Consciousness or MUOEC. Everything we have ever experienced can be called up for examination whether it is dormant or forgotten information of the subconscious, information from past lives or in between life experiences and of course our most recent experiences. We have access to all the information that has ever been created by the universe from the moment of the big bang. Our true purpose is to explore this deeper information to understand the totality of that which we truly are, not the surface story we tell ourselves from our experiences in the PCR.

There are two big ideas I am introducing in this description 1. That our bodies are an interface and generators of experiences as part of a computed reality that is taking place in the PCR as a backdrop 2. That Existence Conscious is fundamental to everything. We access it in both the PCR and the NCR. I want to explore this to give you the PME perspective on you as a body/mind. I will make a statement here to answer a question that may have already surfaced. What is the reason for all of this? The answer is to evolve our individuated unit or MUOEC to ever higher levels through love and creative experiences. An evolved MUOEC also evolves EC. We are entangled with EC, and we are co-creators of the universe and our lives with it, and as it. EC is a system, and all systems must grow to survive or devolve and go away, that is a law of physics. 

These images you have of yourself in your mind are appearances or more to the point activities in consciousness. Anything you observe or are aware of is not consciousness but are objects appearing to your higher subjective self and displayed as a movie/story in the mind.

This leads to the idea that the mind is largely outside of the body and for the most part is not in the brain. It further suggests that the body is an activity in a computed virtual or simulated reality as you have no doubt figured out I am suggesting. The ancients from the wisdom traditions have always maintained that life is an illusion which may be a way of saying it is a virtual reality. 

We feel separate, we do not think of ourselves as having unlimited potential, but we do and that is the point of self-discovery which is a cornerstone of the PME system and ancient wisdom traditions.

Our Micro Unit of Existence Consciousness (MUOEC) or soul stores all the information from every life we have ever lived, and Existence Consciousness stores all the experiences of everything that has ever been created in the universe. Hindus call this the Akashic record.

We are that observer that never changes at the MUOEC level. The silent witness, the MUOEC is always present and aware of the thoughts of the body/mind and its behaviors, but it does not intervene. If we call upon it, it will add clarity which usually expands and clarifies choices, we can make to lead to a richer and fuller life.

So how does this all work. Let’s expand our understanding of ourselves to include an energy body that I am going to make a case for as being our eternal body. It is the same body that is with us now and continues after the physical body dies. This is another big idea so let’s explore it further.

In studying the ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Zen, and Taoist traditions, I’ve learned they all understand an energy body as an integral part of who we are. All identify this energy that comes into the body as the life force. In Hindu philosophy, prana or “life force” permeates reality on all levels, including inanimate objects. In Taoism, it is called chi. In Japanese traditions, it is referred to as qi. 

Envision meridian lines like those encircling the earth (longitude and latitude) around your body, and you will have a concept of the Chinese energy body, which describes how chi is distributed throughout our body. Traditional Chinese Medicine works with chi in the energy body, manipulating these meridian networks but inserting needles in key junction points to heal, prevent pain, and anesthetize people for a surgical procedure, this is acupuncture. The energy body has been recognized and viewed as an integral part of one’s being the world over for thousands of years, yet it does not appear in any Xray or MRI.

The Yogic version of the life force they call Prana contains the life energy and information for the body and mind. The information transmitted to both the physical body and its mind, is a feature of EC. It also communicates with the subconscious, our waking conscious awareness, and the soul.

Through my experience, seeing those who have crossed over to the NCR, and my own out-of-body image in an energy/light state, I have created a working theory to explain this phenomenon. Our internal energy body can 1. separate from the physical body as it does is in death or in a deliberate out-of-body experience 2. can replicate the physical appearance of a body it occupied. In death, we can choose to make ourselves seen by infusing this etheric structure of our former body with energy.

The breath in all traditions is the way Existence Consciousness provides life to animate the physical body and keep it alive. The energy body is not dependent on the breath as it exists in the NCR. EC’s information is continuously downloaded to the energy body it in real time. The information goes through the energy body to the mind/body, the subconscious, and the soul. 

To summarize: the body is an activity in consciousness, as is the energy body, that allows us to create the reality we desire for the evolution of our consciousness in the PCR. We create a story of who we are through experiences in the PCR that lead to choices we make to evolve and become love and creativity. The body is an interface that allows for the PCR experiences and is the generator of those experiences. The body possess consciousness and has access to the minds intellect but is limited to the present life experiences without knowingly reaching out to its subconscious, the MUOEC or soul, and beyond to EC.

Through a meditation practice we can learn to access our energy/light body and all its content to cut through the veil or illusion and communicate with NCR. The energy body is an ethereal or astral body that transcends after death to the lower astral planes. 

A short meditation: Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and envision your body sitting in the lotus position filled with light, expand the light all the way around the body like a bubble to about 18-inches beyond the physical body. This light/energy bubble that goes beyond the body is what some call the aura. The energy/light bubble is where all memoires of all past lives, the subconscious, the soul, and the connection to EC are. When the physical body is in the energy bubble the ego is engaged so that the body can experience contrast in the world or duality in this physical reality. When the body dies the energy bubble and everything else move into the NCR or the lower astral plane between lives. The ego does not transcend, it is not needed to protect the body any longer, so we are automatically in a state of oneness between lives. Remember this is the state of love in the infant that we can all see. This description will give you an idea what between life experience is like.

It is within this eternal energy body that the highest activities of our minds occur. It is from this body one day you will be able to see the totality of your being and know what you truly are. It is from this body, one day you will see all others as an energy body and immediately know who they truly are at their being level. This is the ultimate integration into oneness. This is the body we are really coming to know through self-inquiry in our meditation practice. Imagine you were a spiritual guide assigned to assist multiple souls in their lives. You had this ability that just by focusing upon them you could immediately know every aspect of their soul and every experience they have ever had. How wonderful this would be in directing the development of that soul on its journey when it needed help.

I hope this imaging will help to create an expanded concept for you and your practice by opening you up to the greater mysteries beyond the body/mind. I will be adding energy body meditation exercises as we go along. Anyone who makes the effort will be able to explore their energy body and its pleasantness. 

Each of my blogs and podcasts are designed to further your spiritual worldview. Meditate on each one or at least focus your attention and examine how you feel about what I am saying. It is not my agenda to convince you of anything, but it is my agenda to give you the tools to advance your practice.

 A worldview gives you a high-level road map for fitting newfound experiences or knowledge into some area of your practice. If you have not formed one it is really quite easy. Start by asking yourself these four basic question and then answer them to the best of your ability: Who Am I, What is my purpose, What will happen after my death, What do I want. If you have a Spiritual worldview, I suggest you may be stimulated to accept at least some part of what I give you. The most important thing is that you reflect and consider the points and then take what is useful to you. Upgrade your worldview with any new information you like and read my forthcoming blogs and repeat the process.

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