Developing a working relationship with our MUOEC requires we become really familiar with all our emotions and the range of our intellect. Our intellect is much greater, and you are already much wiser than you believe, you just need to learn how to unlock your potential through self-inquiry. The key here is to Know Thyself.

You will ultimately, through your meditation practice develop your truth or knowledge about the high-level concepts that I have highlighted below and most likely important knowledge of other things that are specific to your journey. I suggest that this is fundamentally the purpose for each soul in this earth school. We may define our purpose in some other way, but it will always contain elements of the core techings of love and creativity and some worldview that will lead to awakening or enlightenment. We can simply say that our purpose is to awaken or become enlightened.

 You do not have to embrace the way I have defined these elements here or elsewhere in my techings, but you do have develop your own view and truth of these major elements in your journey for yourself.

This is not a race but a graceful journey of acquiring wisdom through love and gratitude. On the journey you will open up or evolve into a new way of being. Others may notice the change in you. You may have a vision or many “peak meditation experiences” that thrust you forward to ever greater truths about yourself and your reality. This maybe the culmination of a journey that began many lifetime’s ago and your practice finally brings it all into focus now.

Here are the key issues you should consider in developing your truth as your search for purpose unfolds. 

The body/mind is an activity in consciousness that creates the need for choices as we stated in the who am “I” blog. Better choices lead to a higher quality of life and the evolution of our consciousness. We can become more creative, more empathetic, compassionate, loving, kind, grateful and lighthearted by evolving our consciousness. The best possible decisions are made while in “Point Consciousness” or the “Being state.” Decisions made at this level of meditation improve the quality of your decision and the probability of getting what you want. 

Existence Consciousness (EC) is the primordial field of awareness and information. It enables all things to come into form i.e., the Big Bang that began the universe. Our micro unit of existence consciousness or soul is part of and has emerged from EC (our personal big bang). EC is the master algorithm that coordinates all activities in the universe. You can think of EC as a phenomenon of nature (or nature itself) that has always been in force and long preceded the emergence of the universe 13.8 billion years ago.

 You can also think of this phenomena as the God of your choosing. We are more connected to it than we often realize. Each of our memoires, thoughts and actions interact with it. It needs to coordinate each of our actions with every other thing of consciousness thing that is also creating desires and intentions that lead to actions in the universe at the same time. They all have to work together. This is not a random universe we live in. That is why we call EC the master algorithm. 

The wisdom traditions refer to Karma as the law of cause and effect. As we sew so shall we reap. In general Karma is an experience we go through that teaches us a lesson (if we can learn it) about something that we may have caused another person to experiences. The experience can be pleasant or painful, but it is a reflection of how we behaved toward others in this world. We form intentions at our higher being level to break the pattern of Karma, doing the same things that do not work over and over, also referred to as insanity. By creating new or different realities that are better, we break out of our Karma or the repeating pattern, we may see as failure if the experiences are negative. 

We are co-creators with EC of our lives through choosing the experiences we want to have, and EC takes care of the details using the algorithm analogy. However, EC cannot always give us what we desire because our free will choices do not support what we want. If it cannot give us what we want it we will give us a lesson that will help us break the cycle, and we must be keen to this possibility. If we pursue an understanding of the lesson and inculcate it into our life ever greater wisdom becomes ours. This is reviewed more deeply in Using Intention Wisely and the Law of Attraction Blogs. 

EC wants us to evolve and will help us every way it can. Its overarching messaging is always about teaching us some aspect of love, compassion, empathy, and creativity to incorporate into our Being level consciousness to evolve. 

Creativity is also an important theme in its teaching. This should be understood as exercising our curiosity to find new and better ways to evolve ourselves in both the physical and non-physical conscious realities.  Our emotions, intellect, and imagination are important elements of the mind used to explore and understand creativity on our journey to higher consciousness and these will come into focus for you on you journey.

Your purpose is the overarching direction your practice leads you toward and what it reveals to you as knowledge and your truth. It is discovering the world within you that no one else knows and can experience but you. it is about learning to have control over your life by giving control away as we discuss in the Surrender blogs and many other blogs. This is an inside job no one can do it for you, it is your journey to take. Life and all its pleasantness begins to find its way to you as you begin and progress on this path.

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