Your practice is a journey and all the information you need  can be found in my blogs and podcasts (or future blogs/podcasts) and my book. I post lots of articles on things that will help you understand a greater universe of ideas, thoughts, and philosophies. They are meant to provide knowledge that overall will be helpful in your practice. Often they are expansions on the how-to information I have given you as a starting place. Get proficient in the following and your practice will catch fire quickly.

Understand the definitions  “PME Wisdom Terms” and  the” Stages of consciousness” available on my blogs, podcasts and posted on my website..

  • The better you understand the key terms the clearer my instructions and ideas will be for you to understand.

Some of the basics

Two types of meditation:

  • Quiet-meditation: The purpose is to rejuvenate mind/body/spirit and heighten awareness of Existence Consciousness.
  • Doing-meditation: To have a completely focused mind on a subject of self-inquiry, exploring new knowledge or any intention you have to bring something into your life. You are using your higher awareness state to ask questions and then allowing the answers to come into your consciousness.
  •  You can do these in the traditional sitting posture or laying down. After some practice you can get information walking, exercising or any repetitive task.
  • The more you practice the more you advance toward your goals.

Practicing love and being creative:

  • Monitoring thoughts: Always pay attention to each thought to see if it complies with your intention of who you want to become.
  • Foster love in your actions, be kind, compassionate, empathic, lift others up at every opportunity.
  • Be creative in your practice. Over time learn at least 7-different techniques to get into point consciousness.
  • Allow yourself to explore your creative nature in everything you want for yourself in life. Embrace new thoughts, ideas, and passions to do new things.
  • Be willing to abandon old beliefs when new information comes in.
  • Live your practice.      

Seek your answers now if you don’t already know your thoughts on these 4-questions:

  • Who AM I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What happens after death?
  • What do I want?

Revisit these questions whenever new information comes to you. Our truth is fungible and will grow with knowledge and experience in your practice. Explore all the great philosophical/spiritual questions that interest you in your practice.

If you are new to meditation or early stage read my blog:

  • Beginning and early-stage meditators.
  • It may also be helpful to listen to some of my guided meditations.

For those with established practices I suggest you read my blog:

  • Some Common Early- and Mid-Stage Experiences

Reaching peak experiences is doable for each of us no matter what point we are starting from. Practice!

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