It is important that you have a good understanding of what I call the wisdom words. I use these frequently throughout the book and my blogs to convey key aspects of the Peak Meditation Experience (PME) system. My blogs frequently take one of these definitions and expands on it in some way to further help your understandings and you practice. They are different definitions than those you might find in your favorite dictionary, as I have modified or created these concepts based on my experiences. These definitions are not all inclusive but a summary of the key terms to be familiar with. The end game is primarily to come understand each term through your self-inquiry and introspection.

Alignment: Being in a state of gratitude, love, and bliss when seeking information from EC; also called the being state.

Analyzing/Interpreting PMEs: This is where the heavy lifting of the meditator is required to unpack the information from a meditation or a PME download. It is done primarily through follow-up meditations to the original download, using intention. This is part of the self-inquiry and the self-realization process.

Awakened: One who accepts (through validation in their own experiences) that EC is universal consciousness from which all things arise and subside and understands that we are individually a part of and connected to EC through our micro unit of existence consciousness (MUOEC).

Astral Planes: The nonphysical dimensions of consciousness, representing ascending frequencies or vibrations from the low astral planes in the next dimension after death to ever subtler or higher frequencies, up to EC.

Being State: The state beyond point consciousness the meditator can reach when filled with love and gratitude, passion, and excitement or other genuinely felt emotions associated with their intention. The four bodies are in harmony with the MUOEC that make up “The Unit,” and the MUOEC is in a state of oneness with EC. From this state, requests through intention can be made of EC to receive information or help to manifest a desire/intention.

Bridging: The act of identifying similar experiences in your life and connecting them, resulting in a new and higher meaning or truth. This act is also a PME.

Conscious: Everything in the universe contains information or data that it communicates or can be communicated to others—a rose is known by its color and fragrance and may be associated with an emotion like beauty; it is imparting this information to the observer.

Consciousness: Defined by the ability to make choices. Something that can choose between just two things is less conscious than a human being that may have many choices from which to decide. The more complex the decision space, the greater the consciousness. The greatest level of consciousness is being self-aware. EC uses choices to evolve our consciousness.

Desire: A craving to acquire knowledge or to manifest or bring into reality something we can envision that we need or want; leads to an intention.

Ego: Subconscious programming to ensure survival. The fight-or-flight response, food, shelter, and procreation are core features. Modern man has expanded this programming beyond his needs to include the acquisition of excessive wealth, position power, and status symbols. It is characterized by the desire for wanting more.

Enlightened: One who has established a relationship with EC whereby they can ask and receive information through intention while in the being state; they are connected. A key feature is the ability to be of service to others in NCR, not only PCR—thus reincarnation is not mandatory for further evolution.

Enlightenment: Enlightenment is a process, not a destination, by which the enlightened being evolves. EC and each of us are together creating this virtual reality or simulation that presents reality to us on the theater screen of our minds; it is forever changing. Nothing is permanent. There is no end to this process but there are temporary pauses created while in meditation.

Existence Consciousness: The underlying wellspring from which the universe and all things in it have arisen and will one day return. EC contains all knowledge of everything that has ever happened, is happening now, and has a probability of happening in the future. Eternal, formless, self-organizing, and evolutionary, EC teaches us the language of consciousness. It can also be referred to as the source, the first cause, or many other things, including God.

Fostering: A kind act, reaching out to strangers and others. Recognizing the spirit in them is the spirit in you. Endeavoring to lift one up though kindness, humor, or just an expression of one soul acknowledging another. Done throughout the day, brings your meditation lessons to life.

Gap Images: Gap images are the faint or subtle images that appear during meditation either while in point consciousness or the being state and may arise during self-inquiry or expressing an intention. These can be important and require that we turn our attention to them if they have even the faintest qualities beyond ordinary meditation imagery. These are often the openings that can lead to a full-on (spiritual, vision or surreal) PME or will bring the meditator to a bridging experience.

Guides: Souls in service to others who exist between lives (the bardo) or as enlightened beings that do not reincarnate in the astral planes. They assist the living in maintaining their life plans, manifesting intentions, and overcoming life problems.

Intention: Connecting to EC with a clearly defined desire, in an emotional state in alignment with what is being asked for (love, gratitude, passion, excitement) to access knowledge or help in manifesting the desire. This may be considered in the family of prayer; however, the difference is that you are asking EC to help you, through your own efforts, to manifest something—not for EC to do it for you.

Know Thy Self: Mastery over The Unit or the five bodies so that one can reach the being state, communicate with EC, and evolve consciousness through self-realization.

Language of Consciousness: The language of EC, grounded in both spirituality/love and creativity/imagination, often presents as metaphor in our PMEs and the teachings we receive in EC’s communications with the MUOEC through self-inquiry and bridging. Its primary purpose is to evolve the MUOEC by illuminating a field of greater possibilities and choices, using any media an individual can access or tune into, primarily in the theater of NCR (meditation, paranormal consciousness phenomena including astral travel, remote viewing, telepathy, pre-cognition, out-of-body and healing experiences). As spiritual beings, the language of consciousness is our native language. Though we have been separated from it by the influences of material reality, we can recall it by lifting the veil that creates our spiritual amnesia.

Language of Qualia (the five senses): The mind communicating its experiences, memories, desires, intentions, thoughts, and emotions (fight or flight to the ego for the survival of the physical body or enhancement of one’s status in the theater of PCR). Its primary medium in PCR is language, the spoken or written word.

Micro Unit of Existence Consciousness (MUOEC): We are agents of Existence Consciousness through our Micro Units of Existence Consciousness. The MUOEC is the eternal witness to every deed that transacts in a body in this physical conscious reality—in this life and our previous lives. It connects us to EC, where higher states of intelligence and spiritual connection reside. MUOEC is your higher self, your soul, and it mirrors the qualities of EC.

Near-Death Experience (NDE): An occurrence in which a person is pronounced clinically dead and, when revived, has memories of spiritual experiences that occurred during “death,” such as meeting friends and family members who have passed on, or seeing a guiding white light. Often the experiencer reports conversations or activities conducted by nurses, doctors, and others while in this state. There are thousands of well-documented cases that support these phenomena.

Near Soul Death Experience (NSDE): A living death of everything one identifies with. Can sometimes we generated through a dark night of the soul experience.

Nonphysical Conscious Reality (NCR): Experiencing reality without input from the five senses, as in meditation or after death in the lower astral plane. The MUOEC and three ascending bodies that exist after death of the physical body.

Paranormal: Not scientifically explainable, supernatural events experienced in physical conscious reality—where nonphysical and physical conscious realities coalesce. Paranormal events are often experienced during PMEs and as such are elements of a greater dimension of consciousness or the highest level of consciousness.

Peak Meditation Experience (PME): A metaphorical dream (lucid dream) or vision (during meditation or spontaneous) used by EC to teach us, and to help us bridge together experiences that create an understanding of spiritual/creative law. Any meditative activity that leads to awakening or self-realization.

Physical Conscious Reality (PCR): When we are in a body in the waking conscious state and our perception of reality comes through our five senses.

PME: Peak Meditation Experience; refers to a unique system integrating disparate practices to expand experiences in consciousness. It can also be thought of as a unique vision or spiritual experience that may change the recipient’s worldview.

PME Tests: EC uses PMEs to test our understanding of spiritual and creative law. When it knows we have inculcated its lessons at our being level, it will advance its teachings. Tests  related to validating reduction of our fears are given to confirm our fitness for advancement. Tests for understanding all teachings are normal for advancing our practices.

PMEs and Becoming Enlightened: PMEs are potentially a faster route to becoming enlightened, but they are not necessary. Once the being state can be reached and we can become aligned, the meditator’s relationship is established with EC. The student is enlightened because they now can receive data from EC by using their intention to inquire. EC determines which PMEs, if any, to use in its teachings for each of us.

Point Consciousness: This definition is synonymous with samadhi, a deep state of meditation in which the mind is completely still, in harmony, and under the control of the meditator. It is the state where the meditator has successfully cut the ties to their five senses and stopped receiving qualia or input from them.

Prayer: Often invoked when we can no longer achieve a desired outcome and we ask for EC to do something for us. Prayer can also be on behalf of another person or group or anything you want in order to help another. Prayer can be effective for healing, especially when performed in prayer groups. Prayer is best done when seeking personal help by asking EC as an intention to help you do something or manifest something, not for EC to do it for you.

Seeker: One who is pursuing a quest for knowledge related to answering questions of spirituality, consciousness, self-inquiry, or creative intention.

Self-inquiry: From point consciousness, identifying dysfunctional subconscious programming that creates fear, restrictive beliefs, bad habits, pain, and suffering. Any inquiry involving spiritual or creative law.

Self-realization: The ability to use PMEs or bridging to master an understanding of NCR and one’s place in a reality beyond PCR. Self-realization is understanding any aspect of self, spiritual, or creativity law.

Spiritual Law: In the larger sense, love is defined in the macro as “do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” It also deals with the law of intention/manifestation in creating the things you desire in the physical world.

Surrender: A form of prayer when we let go of all responsibility for the outcome of anything and ask EC to take responsibility instead. We agree to do whatever is necessary in accordance with EC’s will and follow its path until we are strong enough to return to using our intention or prayer for ourselves once again. Some use surrender as a permanent feature and a preferred way to a higher practice.

The Unit: In physical conscious reality (PCR), The Unit consists of the five bodies—the MUOEC, the mind, the energy body, the intentional body, and the physical body. In nonphysical conscious reality (NCR), after death of the physical body, The Unit consists of the remaining four bodies.

Vibration/Frequency: EC and the universe are made of energy, and all things vibrate at different levels or frequencies. Matter, mass, or physical objectives exist at the lower levels of vibration while finer or subtler activities in consciousness are at the higher or finer levels of vibration.

Worldview: In our context, a working philosophy developed and used by the seeker to assist in tracking their understanding of reality at a particular time. A working definition to help guide the seeker to greater possibilities in their journey. All worldviews are temporary placeholders as one seeks truth and change as greater truths are learned. A roadmap, not the destination.

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