Part 3. Creativity, Intuition, Bridging

Creativity leads to manifesting things we desire in our lives in the physical realm like building a home or going to grad school. In the non-physical realm it would lead to creating or acquiring new knowledge. It can also be a combination like having a vision of a painting or sculpture and then bringing it into form. If you are an entrepreneur, it can mean bringing your ideas to form as a new company.

Creativity takes many paths and supports our journey of becoming love to help us awaken. When our imagination, intention, and intellect, the three I’s, or I like to call them the 3rd eye (an ancient reference to the seer’s eye located in the forehead) are in harmony our creativity and intuition are at their highest levels.

Historically we can look back and see the evidence of what this powerful force of creativity within us has led too. The discovery or creation of language, mathematics, all sciences, arts, philosophy and well…everything we know discovered or made by man. Until 1900 human knowledge doubled approximately every century. By 1945 knowledge was doubling every 25 years. Currently, on average the whole of human knowledge is doubling every 13 months. With artificial intelligence coming online it is projected our body of knowledge might double as often as every week.

These three attributes, imagination, intention, and intellect are at the foundation of our creative abilities and are essential to coping with our new accelerated information reality. They also help us bridge together the experiences and memories of our lives to see patterns in ourselves that lead to enlightenment. They advance civilization and advance us toward an ever-higher evolution of our consciousness.

In the physical reality we live in, the ego has reassured us that having more stuff helps to guarantee our survival. Modern man has taken this idea of survival well past the need for shelter, food, clothing, procreation, tribal socialism, and culture. We have exploited it to represent an almost spiritual need to acquire more stuff and more power. To have dominance over others, especially those we see as being different than us is an ugly reality of what this aspect of the ego creates in us and society.

The governance of the tribe and even going to war to take other tribes’ stuff is a feature of “wanting more” gone mad. The ultimate possession in history is taking possession of another’s life through enslavement. The desire for treasure and power, our advanced weapons of war and mobility have allowed us to grow to ever higher levels of “Wanting More” and getting it.

 Individually stress, anxiety, depression, and unhappiness appear to be correlates of this phenomena known only to homo sapiens and is on the increase. It has led those among us with highly evolved 3rd eyes to become the kings, the king makers and the wealthy that share the power as a class unto themselves.  Their abilities have mesmerized the less evolved 3rd eyes who only want the promise of survival within the kingdom. The lesser 3rd eyes for the most part go along to get along.

The evolved 3rd eyes have also led us to a standard of living and knowledge well beyond our wildest dreams. Most evolved 3rd eyes seek wisdom and dominance in their field of endeavor as their power of choice. 100-years ago we could never have envisioned the world we have today. We are beneficiaries of  revolutionary visions of things that have never been and have seemed to come from nowhere.

These new things and ideas do not come from nowhere. They are the next logical step in an evolutionary process aided by data and information that exists in the universe that they 3rd eyes can see, and others do not. I think it fair to say there is a probability the 3rd eyes will produce a world that 100-years from now we may not recognize or understand as 21st century citizens. There is also a probability that without transcendence of those in power who are not consciously evolved, with can lose everything. I believe we all sense this later probability, and it is contributing to a worldwide acceleration in the conscious evolution of mankind.

Intuition is the 3rd eye informing our emotions (normally a subdued excitement) that we are onto something new, and we need to take some action to have a breakthrough. This is often referred to as a gut feeling. It is “knowing” that information exists in your subconscious, higher-self, or EC that one can have access to, but it has not come into the waking state consciousness. We know it’s there; we have a feeling one thing, or another is the solution, and it keeps us moving in the direction of finding a breakthrough to a new thing.

Using our intention during meditation coupled with the emotions of excitement and passion help us to discover ways to manifest the things we want, like a new car.  We can use intention the same way on our journey to enlightenment. Emotions of love, gratitude, passion, and excitement affirm and reaffirm our intention to manifest something we want, and the universe wants to give it to us, to help us evolve. We are gathering information and bridging experiences together to find that new thing. We can feel that what we are getting is spiritual knowledge, as we bring together old memories recent experiences, through mediation to a new understanding. This activity can also lead to a vision type PME during meditation. That vision may be of a new gadget, or it can be spiritual in nature. Fundamentally it is the same process.

The 3rd eye is also that part of us that will deliver the ultimate Peak mediation experiences. Those may come in the form of bridging your life experiences into a beautiful fabric of wisdom, they may arrive as metaphorical or actual visions or other transpersonal spiritual experiences. Meditation and self-inquiry are the path to the spiritual riches and do not exclude financial riches. You can be rich or poor and be enlightened, they are not mutually exclusive, but you must have balance between Love and Creativity.

I was one of those that has an evolved 3rd eye that led to riches but I let it arrest my spiritual development for decades.  I have learned through my dark night of the soul and a difficult existential crisis we must balance the 3rd eye gifts with our spiritual seeking. I believe it was part of my plan for further evolving my consciousness in this life.  This is true for everyone at some level, and it has to do with balancing attachment with gratitude. Buddha discovered this and is the foundation of his teachings. Each of us would do well to find our balance between attachments to the material world and love.  Enlightenment requires we apply the 3rd eye within ourselves to transcend to ever higher levels. You do not need a highly evolved 3rd eye, the one you have right now is just fine to become enlightened.

There are many paths to awakening and many stages we go through along the road. Always keep an open mind to a greater truth that may come along. Explore consciousness, and the universe that is within you and that will lead to far a greater reality than you can ever have imagined. We can really know nothing about existence consciousness and its potential for teaching us without directly engaging with it. Without direct engagement enlightenment may not be possible. Intellectual knowledge does not replace the experience of your being state engaged and experiencing EC.

Please keep in mind that a cornerstone of my teachings is not to have you believe what I tell you, but to help you find your own truth through self-discovery. I present only truths I have learned through my own personal Peak Meditation Experiences which consist of hundreds of visions and transpersonal experiences and decades of consciousness research. I do not present anything as part of the PME system that I have not personally experienced and validated.

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