Part 2. Introduction, Love

Welcome to part two of our introduction to The Road To Peak Meditation Experiences. Love and creativity are cornerstones for understanding the path to awakening and enlightenment. We will look at love and how its fits into our journey and in the next section we talk about creativity which might also be thought of as intuition. We will explore how creativity leads to manifesting things we desire in our lives. Let’s begin here with a discussion of love.

 The 1984 hit record by Tina Turner asks the question “What’s love got to do with it?” The answer appears to be is just about everything when it comes to awakening and enlightenment. Compassion, empathy, kindness, fostering good deeds, forgiveness, service to others, gratitude and more are all dimensions of love we need to understand at our being level (subconscious and higher self) to evolve.

What does a perfect model of love look like? Consider a newborn who comes into this world completely helpless and dependent on others to survive. The parents enthusiastically supply generous amounts love and receive generous amounts of love in return. They would give their lives to protect the infant. Other family members and care givers are also attracted like moths to a flame when it comes to the exchange of love with an infant. That infant is a soul who most likely will have been here many times before. Memories of those past lives has been veiled from it. It is still in a state of pure oneness that it was in between lives. For that reason, its light of love is still incredibly powerful even though that light has been swaddled in physical body.

The soul has been in a pure state of love and oneness and now is entering a world of duality or contrasts. It lightness of being will gradually fade out over the first several years of childhood as the ego becomes known to it. The new soul will have many beautiful memory making moments and some unpleasant and painful experiences meant to evolve its consciousness in some way during course of an ordinary life. Every life in a body has emotional pain, it is the greatest teacher for difficult lessons. As teenagers and beyond to adulthood the body/mind will have to work hard to reacquire memories of what love and gratitude feels like at the soul level. It will only have partial or sporadic experiences at first, but they will grow as the soul works to become awakened again through meditation or some other way. This state of love and gratitude is what we call the being state. The being state is the authentic state of our  soul.

As an infant its ego has not unfurled yet, it is still tucked away in the deep recesses of the subconscious. As the infant matures into childhood its loving innocence and dependence on others fades and it begins to learn the skills it takes to survive. It comes to think of itself as the mind/body because that is where all of its experiences, memories and desires are taking place. The soul is programmed to intuitively want to find its way back to a higher state of love and at some point, on the journey it begins to think about its purpose for being here. It will begin to surface either in the waking state mind or below the surface in the subconscious. It may be associated with dreams of some type or just surface as questions like Who Am I, What do I Want, What is my real purpose in life, what happens after I die.

The thing that hijacks the Childs innocence is the ego that is unfolding, as the child begins to develop. The ego is there in order to keep it safe and alive. The ego is in the subconscious and unknowingly we develop a love/hate relationship with it until we discover what it truly is (if we do in this life). The ego overrides our intellect and interferes with our connection to our higher self, it wants to be in charge. As a result, the connection to our higher-self requires a purposeful intervention, meaning the body/mind must neutralize the ego through its intention to seek the truth within.

Once we begin to seek answers in the greater philosophical and spiritual realms, It is best to employ meditation. We normally get guidance from the other side as well. The old saying that when the student is ready a teacher will arrive is true when it comes to our desire to know our true nature. A prerequisite is learning how to get past the ego to point consciousness where we cut off all qualia or the input from the 5-senses, isolating the ego. It is from this place we can form a direct connection between the intellect and higher-self or soul.

Once we are proficient in reaching point consciousness and have a reasonable amount of control over our minds, we can move onto the being state. The being state is entered by organizing or harmonizing all aspects of what makes us sentient beings: our mind, physical body, energy body and intentional body into one with the soul. In other words, to increase our vibration or frequency to its highest level by moving into this state of grace.

It requires taking a few moments in meditation to open channels of thought to recall an experience i.e., like with a deceased or living loved one, that flood us with the emotions of love and gratitude. Any memory or thought that will create a feeling of love will work. It is from this place that all information can be retrieved from the subconscious, the soul and outward to existence consciousness or God if you prefer, through self-discovery. The deep truths are discoverable while here in the physical realm. Characteristics of enlightenment include going through life without resistance to it, not being confused and disillusioned by it or suffering from the untruths of the world.

We are already enlightened but we need to go inward to remember the truth of ourselves and pierce the veil of spiritual amnesia we came into this world with. Taking the reverse journey from that which brought us down the birth canal back to the I AM before birth. From the outworld physical world we journey inward to begin discovering ourselves as love and in so doing move from duality to oneness.

The veil we come into this life with is a practical necessity. Without it we would be conflating our current experiences with past life experiences which would create confusion if not outright chaos. The wisdom traditions outline some specific paths to enlightenment.  The path of knowledge, the path of service to others, the path of devotion etc. are specific ways to achieve enlightenment.  While I have no aversion to anyone taking any path that works for them my experiences has shown me that anyone who can become love at their being level, in the waking state, can become enlightened.

The hallmarks of love are seen as compassion, empathy, kindness, fostering good deeds, forgiveness, service to others and gratitude. To round out the definition of enlightenment you need to be able to practice love and self-inquiry. You need to be able to self-inquire to understand these aspects of love and live the lessons of love you discover. You do not need to become the proverbial saint. That is nearly impossible for most in the physical state. You do have to learn the specific lessons you came into this life to experience and inculcate them into your being level.

Each thing in your practice of self-inquiry at the being state supports or expands some other aspect of your practice until one day you find yourself having that epiphany “I Understand” and life begins to flow. You can accept life on life’s terms and be in the moment. You have learned that surrendering to a higher power is not giving up being in control, it is being in control by being in harmony with the universe. You know the truth of the serenity prayer and that existence consciousness or “God, has granted you the Serenity to accept the things You cannot change, The courage to change the things you can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.” You my friend have awakened.

Please keep in mind that a cornerstone of my teachings is not to have you believe what I tell you, but to help you find your own truth through self-discovery. I present only truths I have learned through my own personal Peak Meditation Experiences which consist of hundreds of visions and transpersonal experiences and decades of consciousness research. I do not present anything as part of the PME system that I have not personally experienced and validated.

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