Part 1. Introduction to The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences

My name is Frank Leonesio and I am the author of The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences. In the book, we explore subjects in consciousness that can help us evolve our worldview and grow our skill levels for experiencing life. I will caution you here that this is not your basic meditation instruction course, but anyone including those who are not mediators can learn the PME system and benefit from its teachings. I will outline some long-term benefits you can expect from engaging with the road to peak meditations experiences and the PME system.

Let me offer a little background on myself. I have been a successful entrepreneur that has founded 12 companies, a philanthropist that has raised tens of millions of dollars for charity, and a recognized pioneer in the sports and Fitness Club Industry. I have also been a lifelong experiencer of hundreds of paranormal consciousness phenomenon including astral travel, remote viewing, telepathy, pre-cognition, out of body and healing experiences that have inspired my decades long commitment to consciousness research.

An existential life event I call the great downturn, beginning in 2008 and lasting 5-years drove me to depression, alcoholism, marital separation, physical, spiritual, and financial crisis having lost tens of millions of dollars. I use the painful lessons I learned along with dozens of paranormal transpersonal spiritual experiences as teachable truths in the PME system.

The purpose of this 3-part introduction is to give you an overview of what the PME system is about and what you can do with it in your meditation practice. The next two volumes will focus on Love and creativity and how they appear to be fundamental to our daily lives and an overview of how that applies to the PME system.

If you are not interested in learning the PME meditation techniques you can learn much by reading the blogs and other posts in the member section and I urge you to do that. The book is also a compelling read for those interest in spiritual journeys and breakthroughs to higher consciousness.

The PME system has an overarching philosophy that develops its 3-main components: 1. expanded meditation concepts 2.self-inquiry and 3. development of a  personal worldview and weaves those  into the course of your meditation practice. The primary goal of our meditation teaching is to get to the Being Level of consciousness characterized by feelings of love and gratitude. Self-inquiry includes teachings on how to access the subconscious, soul, and greater field of existence consciousness. How to create a Worldview teachings begin by asking these 4 questions: Who Am I, What do I want, what is my purpose and what happens when I die.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow coined the term “peak experience” in 1964. I was familiar with Maslow having read his Hierarchy of Needs but did not know he had another book describing peak experiences until I had completed my manuscript. I learned that he defined a peak experience as an altered state of consciousness characterized by euphoria. My own Peak Meditation Experiences and the system offered in my book are characterized by the same qualities.

 According to Maslow, peak experiences were achieved most often by those who had realized self-actualization. He found that these peak experiences were an essential component of identity, causing the individual to view themselves and their relationship to the world in an entirely new and meaningful way. I knew my book was philosophically compatible with the Veda’s, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, Taoism, and all the eastern wisdom traditions and now I found I was in very good company with this well respected contemporary.

Most of us have heard the observation of Philosopher, Jesuit Catholic priest, and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He said  “You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience. This is a profound statement that will touch everyone who is seeking an answer to the question Who or what AM I? My guess is that the wisdom imparted by this expression was the result of a Peak Meditation Experience (PME), known more commonly as a vision.

One definition of a vision is something perceived in a dream or a trance state, with a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation or results in a spiritual experience.  PMEs or visions can also appear in lucid dreams and other manifestations of consciousness, such as a paranormal experience. PMEs are often spiritual in nature and can be life changing and profound in their teachings.

People who have documented Near Death Experiences often talk about Out of body experiences, going through light tunnels, meeting deceased loved ones, doing a life review etc. PME’s are also breakthroughs to new ideas and concepts that come about by bridging understood experiences in our memories to come up with a new and greater understandings. These bridging experiences for the most part, take place during normal meditations and bring us new insights about ourselves, and thus are considered Peak Meditation Experiences.

These and many other experiences can be thought of as spiritual, transpersonal, paranormal, metaphysical or any term you would like to use. They all have one thing in common, they are quite real to the experiencer and life changing.

There are three types of PME’s We put these under the microscope in order explore higher consciousness and self-realization through the PME system.

In my book I use my transpersonal experiences and the subsequent interpretations of those experiences to instruct the reader on how to think about their own experiences and how to deconstruct the messaging.  PMEs have had a profound effect on me throughout my life. My intent in sharing these experiences is to enable others to expand their consciousness and have their own PME’s through the system I’ve developed or understand a PME that the reader may have already experienced.

If you have already had a PME and are seeking to understand them rest assured that you are not alone: It is estimated that over 80 percent of all people have had some form or another of a PME. I offer a free mediation or life coaching session for those who are interested in my work, and I am happy to spend that time working on helping you deconstruct your PME.

Connecting to higher consciousness through meditation has been practiced in a great many cultures around the world for thousands of years and is enmeshed in everyday life in other cultures we never think about. In India where the study of the Vedas, Upanishads, and Yoga sutras originated thousands of years ago, meditation to reach higher states of consciousness working toward awakening is a routine element of everyday life.

Indigenous cultures in North America, Europe, Asia,  South America, and Africa  use shamans for assistance in reaching higher states of consciousness.

Cultures the world over have social rituals that incorporate the quest for enlightenment into the fabric of everyday life. Throughout the world, the search for higher consciousness is an accepted—indeed, for many, an expected practice that is part of a whole and full life experience.

These practices are not religions but technologies for living life in a conscious universe. They create an understanding that we must be responsible for ourselves and live in harmony with one another, this planet, and the universe. The industrial revolution that began 300 years ago has led western societies to conclude mankind is the only sentient consciousness on the planet and that the physical world is ours for taking by embracing the scientific principal of reductionism. Even Yoga with its rich history that teaches a path to spiritual enlightenment has been reduced to glorified fitness routines in the west.

This is a relatively recent change from thousands of years of belief that we are all one with everything. This idea was developed by early Greek philosophers and known as panpsychism.  Panpsychism and other philosophies embracing oneness with all things are beginning to reclaim the hearts of seekers and is alive and well in the PME system.

I have come to know, through my practice, that Existence consciousness (EC) is the ubiquitous, unbounded field in which all things arise and subside and all information from the beginning of time exists.  We have a special relationship with EC, we not only exist because of it, we are conscious of ourselves and entangled with EC as a smaller unit of the whole expressing all of its features. It is up to us to evolve our consciousness and it can be done in a systematic way. Our bodies are made from stardust, but our reality is created through our continuous exchange of data and information through our 5-senses aided by our intellect, emotions, imagination, experience, and memories with the universe of existence consciousness.

This infinite field created us, supports us, teaches us, and enables us to grow and evolve our own consciousness by learning its language. Existence consciousness has many ways to communicate with us so that we can come to understand ourselves. By understanding ourselves at a very deep level we come to know and appreciate existence consciousness, writ large. We are each a small pattern within the larger pattern of existence consciousness, like a drop of water within the ocean. A primary goal of the PME system is to help you create a direct link to EC in your meditation practice. To ask and receive information.

I call our small drop of water in the ocean a micro-unit of existence consciousness (MUOEC). Some religions call this the soul, some wisdom traditions call it the Atman, those who are fans of virtual or simulation realities might call it a logged-on player, it is known by many names. Whatever you call it the fact is, we are it and it is us. The MUOEC is our witnessing awareness, it is eternal and can take us to the borders of this physical universe and it permeates everything within it.

At the core of all the teachings, I will present to you is a challenge to come to understand yourself at your highest level, your MUOEC through self-Inquiry. Connecting your intellect, in this physical conscious reality, with your MUOEC and EC in the nonphysical conscious reality by reaching the point of consciousness and the being state is the first step in every meditation.

This goal of connecting to a higher reality is within everyone’s grasp. The benefits are endless i.e., greater clarity, reduction of our fears, expanded creativity, a deeper understanding of our true nature, peace, harmony, bliss, improved health and more.

It is also a path to finding your own answers to the great philosophical questions like what my purpose is, why am I here, what do I want, what happens after I die, etc. You can become comfortable knowing your own truth which may be different from that of others. We are all at different stages of evolution of our consciousness.

Truth is fungible and there is always a greater truth to be understood, that does not invalidate anything we have learned from our past experiences but is additive. New experiences and information ultimately can evolve your truths to the level of wisdom.

Many meditators never go beyond just settling the turbulence in the mind either because they do not know they can, or they have felt or been told that just getting to this place is enough. There are great benefits to mediation in just getting to this stage. However, if your desire is to seek a larger understanding of the universe within and outside of yourself this should not be the end game. In fact, it is just the beginning of what you can really do with your MUOEC by advancing your meditation skills.  

I teach a unique method in my book that may be helpful to your journey. If you are new to meditation know that this is a journey worth enjoying each step of the way. Do not push yourself or feel pressure to get to higher levels just let your practice take its course. I would recommend you read my blog New Mediators and PME located in the quick start guide, to get some tips, or email me and I will send it to you. There is also a basic meditation program for new meditators included in the quick start guide.

 If you are already a seasoned meditator and can get to point consciousness, the state where you have successfully cut the ties to your 5-senses, you are ready to move onto the higher levels of our teachings and we are excited to engage with you.

Please keep in mind that a cornerstone of my teachings is not to have you believe what I tell you, but to help you find your own truth through self-discovery. There are many paths to awakening and many stages we go through along the road. Always keep an open mind to a greater truth that may come along. Explore consciousness, and the universe that is within you and that will lead to a far greater reality than you can ever have imagined. We cannot really know anything about existence consciousness and its potential for teaching us throughout eternity without engaging with it. Yes, we are eternal and will evolve with EC as we evolve our own consciousness.

You may want guidance to master the higher stages of consciousness that take you to self-inquiry, bridging life experiences, exploring the subconscious, interpreting peak meditation experiences, manifesting intentions and more.

You can learn about these things in my book. You can also join our online community where you can get support from my blogs and podcasts. Webinars and workshops will be available and by joining the community you will receive early notification.  Email me with your questions directly or schedule a free one-hour zoom call with me.

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