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This is the spiritual journey of a man who for over 40 years had been at the pinnacle of success in business, philanthropy and life believing he understood the greater teachings of spirituality. Frank Leonesio had experienced paranormal conscious phenomena since early childhood and studied consciousness in depth for years to understand his gift. Out of seemingly nowhere a dark night of the soul leveled his life to a pile of ashes, that lead him into exile for years and ultimately to self-realization. The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences is a motivational book, a meditation book and a spiritual book that is loaded with practical how-to information about meditation and life choices for the reader.

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Eugene A. Alliende
MFT Transpersonal Psychotherapist Meditation Teacher, Author of “Dimensions of Being: An Explorer’s Guide to Consciousness”

“Frank Leonesio in his fantastic The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences takes the reader on an intimate journey to the deepest core of self reality, which he calls Existence Consciousness. With remarkable clarity and eloquence, Frank instructs the reader how they too can access this deep well of healing and wisdom, and he gives precise practical tools so that anyone can find self-realization and therefore deep transformation in this very lifetime. With deep insight and compassion, Frank shares his journey from the highest successes to the lowest points of fragmentation, only to discover that inner place that transcends all dualities. Frank surveys a variety of personal and transpersonal experience, mapping the subtler domains of mind and spirit, only to discover the Source of all things within, By so doing, he teaches us that we too can find deep love and wholeness. I can’t recommend this life work enough. If you are ready to uncover your true power and potential, join Frank, for you might just touch enlightenment in this very life.”

Alison Steier, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Director, Harris IECMH Training Institute

“The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences impressively integrates information and complex concepts with compelling memoir. Written with clarity and humility, Frank Leonesio shares his lifelong exploration of self and spirituality. He describes with unabashed openness his “great downturn” – A spiraling downward that rocked his sense of identify, purpose and spiritual connection. The vicissitudes will, of course, feel familiar in some way to all of us. Dark times are part of the human experience. But what to do when we are lost? That is the question. How do we find our way back, or better yet, as this book describes, our way beyond? Consciousness connects us with our highest intellect, spiritual, relational and creative selves and with the larger universe. This book lights the way to developing, tapping into the nurturing our consciousness. It is exceedingly accessible. Those first beginning a meditative practice will find guidance and inspiration. Those who have been at it a while will find resonance and new insights. The wisdom contained in these pages is a great gift to those of us pursuing self-realization, healing and transcendence.”

Phillip Hall, PhD.
Professor Emeritus, St Ambrose University

“A memoir that is a stunning combination of the author’s description of his life as rise and fall and rise again, and his use of the insights from his own experience to develop an extremely useful guide for those individuals who want to follow his road to enlightenment. The author’s memoir is heart-breaking and then heartening as we accompany him on his journey to eliminate stress, anger and depression and to reach a higher consciousness of peace and serenity. The author describes his Peak Meditative Experiences and includes insightful interpretation to elucidate these experiences. He then turns these experiences and knowledge into the foundation of his teaching. The author presents his dream technique in a manner that all can follow and utilize. He continues in this brilliant manner to explain PMEs and the steps to pursue them. We feel the author’s passion and excitement as he guides the reader along the path to an awakened life. He rightfully cautions us to withhold judgement, to be open minded, and to learn our true nature. He wants us to be joyful, loving and grateful as we go along with him to learn and evolve. The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences and Journeys Beyond the Ordinary A Memoir is readily understood and is a valuable resource for the reader dedicated to his path.”

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